Ten Tips For a Great Round at Augusta

Ten Tips For a Great Round at Augusta

If you’re one of the fortunate few to be heading to Augusta National this week to see the Masters for the first time, get ready.

It’s going to be amazing.

If you’re going to just be there for one day, you need to spend your time wisely. You can see everything you need to see, and experience everything you need to experience in one day with the right game plan.

I’m blessed to be headed back for the fifth time (thanks to great people like Craig Humphreys, Scott Verplank and Mike Fletcher). And I’ve put together some tips to enjoy your maiden voyage to the Masters.

1. Get there as soon as the gates open. You’ll want to use every hour to see it all.

2. If you’re wanting Masters souvenirs, go to the gift shop first. Pick up caps, shirts and everything else and ship them home immediately.

There is a shipping area right next to the gift shop. It is quick and efficient. The Masters people don’t mess around. What looks like a long line will be navigated in ten minutes! And then you don’t have the carry a bag of Augusta goodies around all day.

Buy a Masters folding chair too ($29). You can tote it with you. They’re lightweight, you can sling it over your shoulder, and plop it down on your favorite spot on the course and always come back to sit there. Nobody takes your chair at Augusta.

3. See the whole course. I recommend heading straight to the back nine first. That way, you can see the incredible tenth hole first and walk directly to Amen Corner for holes 11, 12 and 13. You don’t want to run out of time without seeing Amen Corner.
Huge rookie mistake.

4. Spend some time in the grandstands on holes 12, 13, 15 and 16. These are great venues. And all have restrooms and concession areas within a minutes walk.

5. Don’t bring a cellphone to the course. You aren’t sneaking one in at Augusta. You’ll be DQ’d.

6. Do bring a regular camera. You CAN take pics at Augusta during practice rounds. Yes, we’re talking about PRACTICE!

7. Try as many items as possible at the concession stands. I personally think the famous pimento cheese sandwich is overrated (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap). The Masters club and barbecue sandwiches are great. Try the Masters moon pie. Everything is good and cheap. And the speed of the lines is pretty amazing.

8. Don’t be embarrassed about collecting Masters cups, especially the green ones. They’re awesome and great to use for future Masters watch parties. I’m shooting for about 20 again this year.  And try the “Stand 12” drink at the concession stand on hole 12. Haven’t had one yet, but will this year. I hear it’s a great blend of Powerade, Sprite and pink lemonade.

9. Keep track of time and walk the entire course. You’ll
be glad you did. It’s the most rewarding exercise you’ll ever get. A walk extremely well spent.

10. Soak it all in. A day at Augusta needs a game plan . It’s one of the best days you’ll ever experience. Get there early and stay late.

We’ll be broadcasting from the TotallyTickets.com Augusta studios starting Wednesday.

Can’t wait to get there! Yes Sir!


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