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Stopping Steph is a Stumper

Stopping Steph is a Stumper

When the Thunder begins its Western Conference final series at Golden State Monday night, OKC fans will have one big question on their minds.

How we gonna stop Steph Curry?

The now back-to-back league MVP has amazed fans again this season with his unlimited shooting range, superior ball handling skills, and ability to make the seemingly impossible shot seem super possible.

Forty-feet at the buzzer? No prob. Admit it, your usual reaction isn’t “no way!” It’s actually more like, “that’s going in!”

Curry had one of those shots in a Warriors overtime win at OKC earlier this season. It was the biggest dagger the Thunder took straight to the heart all year.

My NBA history stretches back to the early seventies. So I’ve seen most of Kareem, some Oscar, all of Bird and Magic. Plus, the Jordan era through Kobe, Shaq, and all the way to Lebron and today’s current stars. KD and Russ included.

All great players, most still better all-around players than Curry at this stage of his career.

However, nobody has ever made me say “seriously?” more than Steph. Some of his shots are straight out of a scene from Space Jam.

Not real, except they are.

Steph Curry is the Harry Potter of the NBA. How is he not playing for the Wizards? Since he clearly is one? I’m convinced the dude plays quidditch at Hogwarts on his days off, and dominates.

OKC has two of the best in Durant and Westbrook. They both can dominate a game just like Steph, but don’t seem to be sprinkled with a much “holy —- magic dust” as Curry.

The Thunder is playing its best basketball of the season, but will have to bring some of its own magic to this series to slow down Curry.

My best guess is you have to get physical with Curry and make him work extra hard of the defensive end to have some success.

Curry has had good (36-75), but not unbelievable, shooting nights against OKC in three games this season.

However, the postseason is usually when the best play their best.

So the Thunder has a Steven Adam’s sized migraine with Curry.

After all, he’s a really a wizard in a Warriors uniform.

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