State of the Big XII

State of the Big XII

We all have our opinions about this conference.  I have always been skeptical of it’s direction and even more so with this playoff.  I’m going to take two examples of what could easily happen to this conference that will show exactly what I’m talking about.

Last week the playoff committee released their initial group of 4.  Let us look at those teams.
Alabama – Looks like if they win out they’re in
Ohio State – See Alabama
Clemson – See Alabama as well
That leaves us with the 4th sport being up for grabs.  So for entertainment purposes let’s dive into number 4.
If Stanford wins out, playing Cal, Oregon, Notre Dame, and possibly Utah in a true championship game, do they have the resume?
If Notre Dame wins out do they have a gripe, especially since they would have only lost to the number 1 team in Clemson?
Now let us look at the Big 12.
Undefeated Oklahoma State – Do they get in over Stanford, or Notre Dame?
Undefeated Baylor – Same question.
One loss Oklahoma – Same question.
I do believe one member of this playoff committee has Stanford ties.  And Notre Dame is the elephant in the room.
So if this very real possibility does play out, the only people you can blame would be the Big 12.  No conference championship, and not enough of an interest in making teams in the conference have a respectable strength of schedule.  Don’t be fooled people, the writing is already on the wall.

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