Spring practice vs Spring game

Spring practice vs Spring game

There has been quite the fuss about the spring game. Therefore, I am here to set the record straight. Spring practice is the time where young guys fight for positions, and veterans get better at their craft.  It’s a time where coaches can slow down and really teach the small parts of the game. Without these practices teams just don’t get better. It’s also a time where 5 AM workouts are tested to see if they really paid off for players.

Now the spring game is a totally different thing. Most coaches would rather not have them, however, there is something called a fan.  You see, fans are the engine that runs the machine. Without them, how do these coaches get paid so well?  The game itself is by far below the experience.  The game should be what Apollo and Drago should of been, an exhibition.  These guys have already practiced a month. For the most part, coaches already know what they have. Spring games are a time for fans to tailgate, kids to get their face painted, and hopefully to see something that gives the fans hope come August.


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