Sam Mayes gives “double birds to the Cardinal Nation.”

Sam Mayes gives “double birds to the Cardinal Nation.”



It’s MLB season and tension is high for any Cubs fan in a predominantly Cardinal area. Most people would say that the Chicago Cubs don’t stand a chance against – well anyone – ever since the Billy Goat Curse back in 1945. The Cubs haven’t been to the World Series in 107 years.

sam2Sam Mayes claims to be a super fan of the Chicago Cubs despite their cursed losing streak.

“Honestly this is my second year being a Cubs fan.” Mayes said. ‘”Last year I became a fan not really expecting a whole lot considering that they really sucked for a very long time. Then I saw some of the young hot talent in major league baseball that rose to the top in a very high level.”


After the Cubs swept the Angles in such a dominant fashion Tuesday night, it gave Mayes and Cubs fans across the nation a glimpse into what could be – after a long journey of hopelessness. Joe Madden brought the Cubs into the light after joining the team last year with a brand new line up.


“Joe Madden adds something different to the Cubs team. I think his attitude is light, and the freeness that he couches with is exactly what the team needed to have success . So, the expectations for this team is, World Series.” Mayes said.


Some of the more promising players are, Jake Arrieta whom Mayes has hopes of winning the Cy Young award, and Chris Bryant for the bating title.


The Cubs fans take a lot of flack from the Cardinal Nation fan base. Mayes says, “Why so much hate from the Cardinal nation? I’ll tell you why, because they know it’s coming. They know the Cubs are finally going to get over that hump. They know that this season isn’t going to be theirs. So double birds to the Cardinal Nation.”

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