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Sam Bradford finding his comfort zone with Minnesota Vikings

Sam Bradford finding his comfort zone with Minnesota Vikings

Sam Bradford endured the craziest five months of his life last year when the Minnesota Vikings traded for him. This summer couldn’t be any more different.

A year ago at this time, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford was a disgruntled placeholder starter in Philadelphia. After getting his contract pushed through 2017, he was dismayed when the Eagles mortgaged the future to climb to the second spot in the draft to select QB Carson Wentz.

Bradford knew that his days as a starter were numbered, but the last thing he thought was that his new lease on life with the Vikings was on the horizon. As minicamp broke, Bradford addressed the uniqueness of the 2016 season, something he didn’t fully take in until after it was done.

It was a wild ride, but one that has him excited about the prospects of a full offseason of preparation with his Vikings teammates. It was a unique season that he wasn’t expecting and it took a little time away to take it all in.


“Probably at the end of the year last year, once everything ended and calmed down, I thought about the events that had just happened and the past six or seven months and how I got here,” Bradford said. “But I would not trade it for the world. I learned a lot about myself last year. I learned a lot about being a quarterback, being a leader, being a teammate, being put in that position. I am really excited for training camp this year. It will be the first time in my career that we have ever gone away for training camp so that will be a new experience and it will be fun to get down there and get to work.”

Asked how things are different this time around, Bradford said everything is different because, not only hadn’t he gone through anything like he did last year, just about nobody in the NFL had endured the type of circumstances the Vikings did last season.

One of the biggest differences has been his increased communication with head coach Mike Zimmer.

“Last year, I think, was a little unique to everyone, so I think he was just trying to help give me some space to just allow me to spend time with Norv (Turner) and with Pat (Shurmur), just get used to the offense and try to figure out what we are doing,” Bradford said. “This year we have had a lot more conversations and it has been great. It really started when he was away those couple of weeks with his eye. We would text almost every day after practice and he would just give me some thoughts about what he saw from us on offense, what the…

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