Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation brings an early Christmas to kids in OKC

Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation brings an early Christmas to kids in OKC

Christmas came early to kids around the Oklahoma City area when Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and his Why Not? Foundation partnered with the Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City to provide more than 350 kids with shoes, backpacks, t-shirts, and more.

The Why Not? Foundation hosted its 7th annual Christmas party inviting underprivileged kids who participate in after school programs associated with the Urban League to come and meet Russell, enjoy party treats, and go home with a bag full of gifts provided by the foundation and Russ himself.

“Every year is special,” Westbrook said. “The biggest things for me is that each year it keeps getting bigger and impacting more kids. These kids impact me more than I impact them, and it’s a blessing for me to be able to do that for them.”

Earlier this year, Westbrook and the foundation served hundreds of families Thanksgiving dinner and hosted the 3rd annual Why Not? Comedy Show where all the proceeds were given to the Backpack Program; a program that is partnered with Feeding America to ensure underprivileged kids are sent home with a backpack full of non-perishable foods to feed them for the weekend while they do not have access to school lunches.

Hundreds of kids, parents, and volunteers gathered Sunday afternoon to participate in the Christmas party, and every kid who walked through the door was welcomed with warm smiles, gifts, and a chance to meet their favorite Thunder player.

Bags sent home with the kids included a pair of shoes from Russell Westbrook’s Jordan Why Not? collection in their size, a new backpack, a bracelet reading the words “Why Not?”, a t-shirt, and an autographed action shot of Russell Westbrook.

“I’m a human being just like they are,” Westbrook said. “If they get that feeling like, ‘Russell is normal just like us’ then they can do an achieve anything they want in life, and that’s the most important part about this.”





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