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Russell Westbrook Is “Progressing,” Future Uncertain

Russell Westbrook Is “Progressing,” Future Uncertain

Russell Westbrook is “progressing,” but that he is still going through controlled contact.

He’s done a good job,” Donovan said today. “I think everyday for him he feels better and better.”

Westbrook has been going through controlled contact for the last week. Donovan described that as not going full-court in practice or participates in scrimmage. The Oklahoma City All-Star has been rehabbing to return from arthroscopic surgery on September 12th.

“He’s not fully cleared to do everything, he’s doing certain things,” Donovan added. He’s been in controlled situations that the medical staff has allowed him to do. Hopefully with the way he responds physically after going through a contact, he’ll be able to add a little bit more, a little bit more. So he’s doing a little bit more each day.”

“I’m just following the medical staff, what he’s going through and what he needs to go through. When will he play? I don’t really have an answer for that. That’s going to be a daily, just taking, feedback from him based on how he’s feeling to see if he can pull back or do more.”

The Thunder wrapped up their preseason Tuesday night with a 119-115 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. The following Wednesday was four weeks to the day from Westbrook’s surgery.

Opening night is Tuesday in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors. Donovan was hesitant to predict if Westbrook would be able to go given his day-to-day progress.

“Yeah I don’t want to say,” Donovan said. “To me it’s a little too far out. There are a lot of things that go into that decision. There’s certain things that he’s going to have to go through to be cleared to play. But he’s moving in the right direction and I think he’s worked really really hard at his rehab to try and get himself back.”

The Thunder will practice everyday in Oklahoma City and leave after availability on Monday. Donovan will likely be asked as the days progress on the status of Westbrook.


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