Remembering the Core Four

Remembering the Core Four

The wounds of the beat down Villanova put on OU might take awhile to heal. When those abrasions do scab over, take some time, breath and remember how special the “The Core Four” were to Oklahoma Basketball.  Ryan Spangler, Buddy Hield, Isiah Cousins, and Jordan  Woodard started 104 games. That is every game for three seasons!

We are in the one and done era where kids can’t say no to an eight-figure salary.  Until the NCAA changes the rules forcing athletes to stay in school longer the less likely we are to see another bunch like this.  The three seniors, led by example.  Hield, doing a personal shoot around while ESPN Game Day was in progress. Cousins, sleeping in the LNC while going through a slump during the first weeks of the Big 12 season.  Ryan Spangler, always playing hard no matter how much he might be struggling.  Lon Kruger says. “What this group has meant to the program is unbelievable. The older guys especially set the tone for the younger guys.”  They’ll get over this it’s hard to think that right now, but they’ll get over it and recall all the great things that they accounted for in their careers and the Oklahoma fans will as well.”

Let’s hope Kruger is right because fans have long memories. When the banner hangs in Norman, it will be another reminder of what happened with Nova. The 95-51 butt kicking is the worst defeat in Final Four history, not the send off these seniors deserved.

All season long OU never mailed it in, till Saturday. With ten minutes left to go (and that might be generous) The Sooners were whipped and looking like they wanted to be anywhere but NRG Stadium.

Saturday’s loss won’t be one you’re keeping on the DVR to watch after having a rough day at work.  The quicker this game is forgotten, the better.

It won’t happen right away, but a some point we’ll all remember how much fun it was to be an OU fan this season. When that moment comes, remember it was the “Core Four” who made it possible.

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