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Reading Between the Lines About Paul George Shoulder Injury

Reading Between the Lines About Paul George Shoulder Injury

OKLAHOMA CITY — Paul George doubled down on being quiet as to the specifics of his shoulder injury at Thunder exit interviews.

After reiterating that he would address the injury at a later date, George denied comment if his injury was a torn labrum. From the content of George’s comments, the assumption is that he will be involved in a surgical procedure in the near future. He was not sure if he would be ready for October’s preseason as a result.

“I’m not going to discuss what it is,” George said. “Yeah, I’m not going to discuss what the actual injury is. But I will address it soon, try to get it fixed and get back out there come this next season.”

Despite skirting the issue, George gave little inclination if he was personally worried moving forward. Because of George’s playing style on defense, it is easy to assume there could be a worry for future seasons that this injury could flare up again. George, however pointed to this as the reason he will deal with the injury medically as opposed to simply resting.

“That’s the reason I want to address it now,” George said. “I could leave it alone and this would be a recurring thing. But I want to address it now, clean up what needs to be cleaned up so it doesn’t come back. And I’ll be fine going forward.”

“We’re still trying to put a plan together on how to address it,” George added. “You know, what needs to be done.”

George spoke about his injury following Game 5’s loss on Tuesday night.

“We’ll approach it,” George said. “We’ll address it this summer. Coming back next season healthy. That’s the plan, get as healthy as possible going into next year.”

The Thunder will announce any medical procedure George undergoes when it occurs.


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