Quick Points: Mike Gundy Baylor game presser

Quick Points: Mike Gundy Baylor game presser

Mike Gundys’ Oklahoma State team has not beaten Baylor since the Bears were a top team in 2013 who were upset by the Cowboys 49-17. Since, the Pokes have been outscored 129-87, the most recent meeting being a 35-24 loss in Waco in 2016.

Monday, coach Mike Gundy spoke with the media to give some insight on the Pokes, where they’re at, what he thinks about the conference and more. Here are some quick quotes.

  • Gundy on what they accomplished during the bye: “I would say rest,” Gundy said. “We didn’t practice enough to talk about. Took some time off, worked on the last two games that Baylor’s played. Got them [players] back last night, hopefully back into a normal routine.” The pokes return to normal practice Tuesday.
  • On the Bears offensive looks changing: “We haven’t paid any attention to the first three games, the last two is our break downs and I’m fairly certain that’s who they are, with the direction they’re going offensively,” Gundy said. “With the number of suspensions they had, that’s just my opinion, you can pretty much throw the first games away.”
  • “The quarterback play in this league has created parity, more so than ever,”Gundy said of the Big 12. He added that even the inexperienced snap-takers are causing headaches for defensive coordinators with their feet.”So when I sat back and looked at the league and maturity and players lost, I felt like there would be more teams this year that could beat each other on any given Saturday, based on lack of preparation, emotionally by your football team. That’s what I struggle with as a coach, and us as a staff, trying to get our players ready to play every week.”

Because of the parity in the league, many believe it could be left out of the college football playoff. Gundy says he didn’t have much thought on it, but it is easier to get in if you’re undefeated.

“How the committee sees our league this year, will be different, in my opinion, than it has in the last few years,” Gundy said. “We have our hands full preparing for this game Saturday, based on what we’re trying to accomplish. I haven’t gotten that far down the line, which I usually don’t till the middle of November anyway.”

  • OSU kicker Matt Amendola is 8-12 this year, with all three of his four misses coming from less than 40 yards. He missed two in Lubbock. “I think Matt will be fine,” Gundy said of his redshirt sophomore kicker. “He’s a young player, it’s his first year, I’m fairly certain that he’s identified what the issues are. I think they’re very correctable. We have confidence in him, we’re going to send him out there.” Gundy added the team has had multiple kickers have issues early on, but usually end up having solid careers.
  • Following Alabama’s win over Texas A&M, coach Nick Saban said the media to his players is like “rat poison.” Gundy didn’t read up on the entire story, but said he tends to agree with Saban. “I think part of what he’s saying is true, from a standpoint,” Gundy said. “I got no idea what he’s thinking or what he’s saying. But what I get out of what he’s saying, is if you read or listen to enough things out there and it affects your preparation during the week, essentially you’ve been poisoned and you get a chance to get really sick. That sickness, what I’m thinking is, you can lose, if you don’t watch it.
  • Mike Gundy said after the Pitt game, he had to calm his guys down because any day, the crowd can switch on you. He says he’s always ready for life to take a full 360, which is why he works so hard at farming.
  • “Here at Oklahoma State, we’ve essentially created a monster and now you’ve got to feed it,” Gundy said. “You feed it by playing well and winning games. We’ve done a lot of things outside of that, but I don’t know that the public buys into that.”
  • DeQuinton Osborne is a player who has stepped up for OSU this year. He was originally committed to Baylor and was a late recruit by Gundy and his staff. Gundy said NFL scouts have been asking about him when they come by to look at others.
  • Tyron Johnson has one catch in two games since returning from suspension. But Gundy says that his lack of touches isn’t because he’s in trouble. “Here, whenever we have a guy that’s suspended, when he serves his time, he has a clean slate. We don’t hold a grudge,” Gundy said. He added that it was based only on the looks and that James Washington was in the game more than they planned on in Lubbock. Johnson will see more time this week.

Iowa States Joel Lanning played both ways in the Cyclones win over the Sooners Saturday. Coach did not see the game, but did see the stats, which he was impressed by, and not just because it was against Oklahoma.

“I wanted to just commend the kid for what he did, I don’t care if he played the Giants, It don’t make a difference who he played,” Gundy said. “To play linebacker and get eight tackles, I think eight tackles… and then play quarterback, that’s a true team player. I think that’s awesome for the kid, I don’t care who he plays.”

The Pokes kickoff against the Bears in Stillwater at 2:30 Saturday.

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