Quick Hits From Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Quick Hits From Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Oklahoma State struggled to a 13-10 win over Texas to move to 6-1 overall and 3-1 in conference. It was a sloppy offensive performance and a great defensive performance, which isn’t exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Cowboys. Here’s what Mike Gundy had to say at his Monday press conference.

  • “We weren’t very good rushing the football on first down. We ended up in too many 2nd and 9s and 2nd and 8s against pass defense. That’s where we got behind the chains and never really could play catch up. The defense found a way to win the game for us and I was proud of our team.”
  • On what the problems were offensively: “We didn’t block them. We couldn’t block them up front and run the football… They were a little more physical than we were up front.”
  • What impressed Gundy most about his defense: “They were very resilient. I felt guilty continuing to walk out in the huddle after all that transpired and saying, ‘Hey, we need a stop. We need a stop. We need a stop. I know I just told you guys this, but we need a stop. I know we fumbled. Hey, we need a stop. I know we missed a field goal. We need a stop. I know we let them return the ball to the 45 on the kickoff return. Hey, we need a stop.’ They just kept going.”
  • On the 90-yd catch-and-run up the sideline after the Justice Hill fumble not being reviewed: “Was I shocked that they didn’t review it? Yeah. I was shocked. Let’s make sure. We have the capability. We’ve spent millions of dollars on replay. Why didn’t we review it? I know he had white shoes on, and I know it was a white sideline, but it’s worth at least taking a look… Now, should I have called a timeout? I could have, but they’re supposed to be looking at that all while the play is going on and while they’re getting up to the line. There was about a 17-second delay and they didn’t review it. So basically what they’re telling you is that you’re just burning your timeout.”
  • On what he was told after the inadvertent whistle on the punt in the 4th quarter: “I was told the whistle was blown before the ball was snapped and was a ‘ready for play’ whistle… I just wanted them to say the ball was snapped and we blew a whistle and we made a mistake, but I’m sorry, we can’t replay it… There were 21 people that stopped. The only person that didn’t was the returner, and that’s because he couldn’t hear it. We played almost 212 plays in that game and there was only one play that everyone stopped, so obviously it was an issue.”
  • How much does shuffling guys on the offensive line effect your ability to run the tempo you want? “It’s difficult. Before the year you guys asked me things that I was concerned about. You can go back on your notes; you guys all have these high-dollar computers. One was depth on the offensive line. That’s not a position where you can run guys in and out because it’s hard to keep continuity with the communication. You move a few guys around and they don’t talk the same, they don’t feel the same. When that happens there’s a few issues. Now, we didn’t play good offensively because we got outcoached. We didn’t make good adjustments. But, I would like to get some continuity back there and let these guys get more comfortable with their communication. I’m hoping that we can get 75 and 73 back out there by the middle of the week to build some of that continuity. If not, we’ll mix and match and do the best we can.”

Mike Gundy will lead his Oklahoma State Cowboys into Morgantown, West Virginia, Saturday at 11 a.m. for a showdown with Dana Holgorsen and the Mountaineers.


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