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Quick Hits from Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Quick Hits from Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Oklahoma State suffered a disappointing loss to Kansas State Saturday that knocked the Cowboys out of Big 12 contention. Oklahoma State has won just two games at home this season, with one home game remaining against the Kansas Jayhawks. Here’s what Gundy had to say about Oklahoma State on Monday.

On this senior class: “It’s special, from top-to-bottom. You hear a lot about Washington, Ateman, Rudolph and Whitener and those guys, but all these guys are special.”

“I got to work early Sunday morning. When we don’t play well I don’t sleep well. My only goal, outside of football, was to make sure we went over and handed the food out (to the homeless). I forgot and I felt terrible. I forgot, but my guys were there. They didn’t forget. Mason has a bad game Saturday, and gets up Sunday, puts a smile on his face and goes and hands out food to the homeless.”

Speaking about the game Saturday: “I thought we had the best team… I thought that’s a game we should’ve won.”

On what the attitude of the team is after the loss: “Sundays are not very fun here when you lose… The culture that we have allows them, and it should, that you get your butt ready to play the next game…”

On coaching and the struggles on special teams: “I worked all week on kick coverage, so I had to turn around and look in the mirror, and say that’s not good.”

On the big mistakes in Saturday’s game: “We lost the Turnover battle and we gave up seven points on special teams. We had seven three-and-outs defensively, and that’s pretty good, but we gave up big plays.”

On the goals for this team: “They are off the table, as sad as it is… There’s a lot of work that goes in with a group of guys, and I always worry about a missed opportunity.”

On the quality of teams he’s had at Oklahoma State: “Here’s the good news; if you go back to the year we went to the Holiday Bowl, we were really good that year. So if you look at our track record, 10 years, I would bet that 7/10 years we could’ve played with anyone in the country.” Counted each year individually and came up with 7/10.

On James Washington: “I didn’t know anything about James, other than that he was from a small town. Kasey Dunn was head over heels on him recruiting him. After he was here a year, I felt like he was going to be pretty good. Did I know he was Biletnikoff caliber? Probably not.”

On Mason Rudolph: “He will leave here as the most decorated player since Barry Sanders, in my opinion. And why not? He’s won a ton of games. He’s played with broken ribs, with a broken foot. He was disappointed after the game Saturday, he would’ve liked to have hit a few more passes, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. It’s like I told his mom and dad, you should be really proud of what he’s done off the field as well.”

Talking about the coin toss this coming Saturday and what happened with Kansas and Baker Mayfield: “I did not know that this happened, with Baker, until Sunday mid-morning… That’s not even something I would even get in to. I don’t even know what went on with Kansas. I just know that we would use normal protocol unless something happened that would make us think otherwise.”

On his two freshmen corners: “They are (wearing down). We had discipline issues on our team. We had a couple guys who didn’t fit in to the culture on this team so they couldn’t be here. Did that play in to the result Saturday? Maybe it did. But I’m OK with that. We’ve got 122 quality guys down there, and that’s important.”

Talking about his coordinators: “Do I feel like at times we’ve been outcoached? Sure. Have there been times when we’ve outcoached people? Sure. Our coaches will be fine. They have a responsibility to look at what worked and what failed and fix it.”

On the turnover problems this season: “A little bit of that is being involved in shootout type games. We get in to these shootouts and you’re in a little more of a throw-a-thon than you want to be. We’re going to throw it and we’re going to be aggressive, but we need to do what we can to minimize those.”

Oklahoma State may not be able to compete for a Big 12 Championship, but the season isn’t over. They will host the Jayhawks Saturday at 11 a.m. for Senior Day.

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