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A question and two statements

A question and two statements

One question and two statements from Monday’s press conference with Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma.

The question: Is this game against Ohio State like the others?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact Ohio State came to Norman last season and dominated Oklahoma or maybe it’s because quarterback Baker Mayfield and some of the experienced Sooners are a bit older, but Mayfield

Expressed a genuine interest in the value of the game Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

Defensive back Steven Parker predictably said the goal was to take things one game at a time, but also wouldn’t admit to saying how long exactly the Sooners have been prepping for Ohio State.

So, what’s the story? Does it mean more, or is it just another game?

“Everybody that was here last year remembers it was a huge loss,” Mayfield said at Monday’s press conference. “It’s something we talked about in camp. Never been here and seen a team sing their fight song on our field. Quite frankly, it’s just embarrassing. We let down our fans, our coaches and everybody that supports our program to allow them to sing “O-H-I-O” on our field. Their fans were louder than ours and rightfully so. They had more reason to be.

“It’s a different year, but, yeah, we still think about it. It hurts.”

Parker said he’s thought about the Ohio State loss last year so often that he’s even watched the game “a million times.”

“I went back and watched and you look at the mistakes we made against Ohio State that we didn’t make against others. “They put it on us. We didn’t come out and play like we were supposed to. That’s going to be different (this year).”

Sure kinda sounds like the Sooners aren’t looking at this one as just another game.

Said Parker, “There’s something different this year. A different mentality. Everyone has bought in and that’s what makes it so fun. Of course, when you play the really big games, you feel warm and your blood is going. It’s one of those things where it is a little different. “

The Statement: Jordan Parker is out for the season

Sophomore cornerback Jordan Parker, who was injured in the first half of OU’s 56-7 win over UTEP Saturday, is out for the season, coach Lincoln Riley said Monday.

Parker started eight games this season and was backing up Parnell Motley at corner this year.

Tre Brown and Tre Norwood, both true freshmen, who played against UTEP in the second half, will see more playing time now. 

The other Statement: 

Lots of talk about Texas and the Big 12 this weekend. It wasn’t, after all, a great showing for the conference. Mayfield doesn’t care. At all.

“I could care less,” he said, likely meaning, he couldn’t care less.

“I’m not trying to win for any other team in the Big 12.”

Safe to say Mayfield doesn’t have a Big 12 flag hanging from his house.


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