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Presti, pragmatics, analytics and amazement

Presti, pragmatics, analytics and amazement

You’ve heard OKC general manager Sam Presti speak, but you may not know what he meant. Get in line. It happens.

Buzzwords, corporate-speak and fast talking work well in the boardroom but are hard to distinguish for us common folk.

Here’s some help with some of the phrases and words Presti said yesterday and what they really mean:

Analytical: the life-blood of any Presti conversation. Analytical can be a verb, noun or a way of life. Analytical is how Presti approaches everything from lunch to the luxury tax.

Creating a path for the future: Trying to figure out how the Thunder can get back to the Western Conference Finals while balancing the fact Kyle Singler is still on the roster.

Deterministic mindset: Setting goals that are both realistic and achievable. It is not appropriate to have a deterministic mindset to say, “Steven Adams is going to be a 25-point per game scorer next season.

Disruption to continuity: We’ve got a plan here people, and I’m not necessarily interested in some lay-person telling me I need to change up the way we’re doing things. Let’s just press on and do things my way. K. Thanks. Bye.

Externally: Any team that’s not the Thunder.

Foundation to navigate: A plan to figure out how, if possible, to get past Golden State, with a team that doesn’t shoot the 3-pointer very well.

Intentional in development: Sorry, we made a mistake in drafting Byron Mullens. We’re going to try and not make that kind of mistake again.

Internal control: We don’t have any real idea what is going on outside the organization, so inside our four walls, we’re going to hold on to and lock down everything we can. Yes, that means we’re trying everything we can to not let Russell Westbrook go.

Marginal gains: What you get when you go from losing Kevin Durant to winning 47 games. (Example: It was a disappointment to lose a great player, but we made some marginal gains on the court).

Opportunistic: If someone offers an interest in something we have, then, yes, we’ll be involved. Until then, you won’t hear much from us moving forward in the free agent world. But, please, bring us any ideas for taking on the contact of Enes Kanter.

Pragmatic: See “Analytical.”

Recency bias: Just because we just got wiped out against Houston in the first round of the playoffs doesn’t mean I’m thinking about it moving forward. And just because Andre Roberson isn’t a good free throw shooter doesn’t mean he’s not a great player.

Upward trajectory: The term Presti uses to instill confidence in the Thunder future. (Example: Looking at the analytics, and being pragmatic, the ability for Josh Huestis to hit a mid-range jumper is something we feel has a lot of upward trajectory.) Alternative definition: Hopeful.

Urgency is less important than being accurate: There is literally nothing we can do right now until Russell Westbrook tells us what he’s going to do, so with that in mind, we’re going to be deliberate and sit back and wait.

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