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Pizza rolls, movies and college football: Notes and warmed-over takes

Pizza rolls, movies and college football: Notes and warmed-over takes

So many subjects, so many warmed-over takes.

Time to re-heat…

  •  Speaking of microwaves, that’s what the Thunder season is like. Everything has to come together, and really quickly. Now, at times, you take your pizza rolls out of the microwave and they are scalding hot. Other times, they appear to be hot, but are frozen on the inside. Tricked again. Keep that analogy in mind when considering the difference between this “Super Team” here and others in Miami, Boston or Cleveland in the past. The main difference is those other teams had the luxury of time. LeBron didn’t sign a one-year deal to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, so there was no real rush to make sure it worked right away. The players knew they had time. In OKC, the Thunder are forced to use the mircowave and not the oven to cook up the pizza rolls. It’s got to get done in a hurry because who knows if Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are coming back. And when you rush the process, the end result usually isn’t great. Pizza rolls belong in the over, not the microwave.  It’s hard enough to get personalities to come together successfully, it’s even harder to do on short notice. …
  • The College Football Playoff committee needs less college football people on the committee, which makes Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione, a recent addition to the committee, a good thing. The last thing we need is another former coach sitting around telling people Ohio State is better than Alabama or Alabama isn’t as good as Auburn because the Tigers are good at running the zone-read. Who cares? We don’t need anything like that. We need more people who can facilitate discussion, can get people talking in the committee room, can get people to compromise, debate and discuss things beyond whether a team is good at defending the run or is great at completing screen passes. Dig deeper than what a football coach would. That’s what Castiglione can certainly do. Good decision by the CFB. …
  • Everyone around here likes Enes Kanter. Love the dude, myself. Fun to watch. Great interview, too, but his recent social media campaign to get former teammates Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams to the All-Star game is awkward and unprofessional. Consider what Kanter’s teammates must be thinking when he’s promoting players on another team. Wouldn’t they possibly wonder whose side Kanter is on? I would, as well as wonder, “Hey, do you wanna play for them, or do you wanna stick with us?” I think the reason is pretty clear – Kanter misses OKC, and you can tell by the fact he posts “Remember When” pictures of himself and Adams and Westbrook. You wouldn’t see a Starbucks employee walk into work with a Dunkin Donuts cup, and you shouldn’t see Kanter, ex-teammate or not, ex-friend or not, promoting the competition. …
  • Heat over cold, beach over mountains, mustard over mayo …
  •  Anyone else cheering for Blake Bortles for no apparent reason?  I don’t know why I like this story all of a sudden. That being said, Jags won’t beat the Patriots. It won’t be close. Patriots win 30-14. …
  •  Never really been in the business of promoting Oklahoma City, but something about the Mychal Thompson tweet Tuesday afternoon was off-putting. It reeked of ignorance. Check it out for yourself. Now, perhaps Thompson, a Lakers broadcaster and former title winner with the team, was just making an observation. If that’s the case, well, Thompson is bad at observing things. It would have been nice to have Thompson talk about what he meant, but he didn’t respond to requests to have him on the show …

  • All of the film work, all of the studying, the draft and the draft analysis. The NFL never stops, but what’s it all matter when, after all the scouting and all the prep work, you have a defensive back just whiff on a tackle? We can debate on whether it was a coaching failure by the Saints to not call a timeout before that last play Sunday evening against Minnesota, or whether they should have rushed fewer players, but simply put, the dude just missed a tackle.
  • Speaking of films, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” is an outstanding movie. Great performances all around by a wonderful cast, including Woody Harrelson. Love Harrelson as a supporting actor. So much better than when plays a lead role, but after watching that movie, I think we’ve gotten to the point where Frances McDormand doesn’t play a character any more, she plays herself. Kinda like every Hugh Grant movie. He’s the same guy, in different roles, but with the same general issues, mannerisms and problems. McDormand is great, but she’s angst-ridden, conflicted, terse and unfriendly to pretty much everyone – just like she is in a number of other roles. I don’t mind it, maybe because, like Grant, they are both so good at it …
  • Russell Westbrook has skipped out on talking to the media for the past two games, yet I’ve heard no Thunder fan express any issue with it at all. That’s strange to me. If I were a fan, I’d be interested in what Westbrook has to say, particularly after being ejected after the Thunder’s last game against Sacramento. Anyone want to hear his thoughts on why? I sure would and I’d want someone to hold him accountable for his obligations to speak with the media.

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