What a hectic and exciting 36 hours it has been for new Thunder player Paul George. One minute he is in Southern California, the next he is greeted by hundreds of screaming fans. Fans that endured excruciating heat for hours, just to greet their newest player. It definitely did not go unnoticed by George. During his first media availability in Oklahoma he said, “It’s been awesome… you can’t script this up, this has been an unbelievable trip… this really feels like home.” He was also asked what about Oklahoma has stood out to him so far, to which George responded “the love from day one. Getting off of the plane and seeing 500 people, I’ve never been a part of that.”

So, how exactly has the past 36 hours gone down for George?

Monday 07-11 2:32pm CT:


Paul George and family are welcomed by fans at Will Rogers World Airport. (Twitter/OKC Thunder)

Then Tuesday the Thunder and Clay Bennett wanted to use all of the bells and whistles to welcome Paul George to Oklahoma City. For an organization that is not usually about the flash and glamour, the Paul George Welcome Party turned out great. An estimated 1,100 people packed the newly opened Jones Assembly Hall in downtown Oklahoma City on Tuesday evening. Lights, music and roaring fans, what more could you want if you’re Paul George?

Tuesday 07-12 4:39pm CT:

5:07pm CT:


A packed Jones Assembly Hall awaiting PG13. (Twitter/Jerry Ramsey)

As for why the Thunder decided to hold a welcome party instead of a press conference for George, Sam Presti said: “We’ve always tried to be progressive…to try different things… We wanna be with the people.” While taking in the party, the Franchise’s Jerry Ramsey and Jon Hamm decided to discuss the lively event…

5:20pm CT:

Ramsey attempting to work a camera. (Twitter/Jerry Ramsey)

5:34pm CT:


Fans anxiously await the introduction of PG13

Then finally after waiting in the beautiful Jones Assembly Hall and partaking in catered food and an open bar the moment came…

6:05pm CT:

Paul George is finally introduced. (Twitter/Thunder/Aaron Davis)

After meeting the fans that came out to support him, George would go to his first media availability in Oklahoma. A meeting where a wide array of things were discussed with the 27 year old forward.

6:30pm CT:

George on his reaction to the trade. (Twitter/Royce Young)

George on what it will take to stay in OKC. (Twitter/Colby Daniels)

George on Westbrook’s decision effecting his future. (Twitter/Colby Daniels)

George on his unknown future. (Twitter/Royce Young)

George on working with Westbrook. 

George on the welcoming he’s received from fans and the Thunder. 

The Future:

So we have made it through the blazing heat waiting at the airport, we have made it through the Welcome Party and we survived the media availability, so now what? The Thunder still have a couple of post-it notes on the fridge to take care of before they can relax. The two biggest task are signing Terrance Ferguson, who is being restricted by FIBA from signing his rookie contract with Oklahoma City and of course there is signing Russell Westbrook to the Designated Veteran extension. Those contract talks should keep Presti and company busy until training camp rolls around sometime in late September. Followed by a few preseason games in early October, one of which will be against Houston at the BOK Center in Tulsa. Then finally the 2017-2018 NBA regular season will begin on October 17th. That means the Thunder have until October 16th to convince Westbrook to sign the extension.

Regardless of whether or not Westbrook signs the extension, one thing is for sure, on October 17th there will be NBA basketball and of course this





















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