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PETA and the point spread: two things to think about moving forward

PETA and the point spread: two things to think about moving forward

Turns out Baylor is probably better than we thought, Oklahoma State isn’t quite as good as we thought and Oklahoma is playing against a different kind of opponent.

And two quick thoughts about some Saturday happenings …

Getting mad at PETA for a Tweet is on you, not them. PETA’s job is to get attention, to be “over the top,” and to create discussion. The only way to draw in future dollars is to attract people from the fringes to your cause.

So, what happens? Well, PETA Tweets about how the Oklahoma ponies – Boomer and Sooner – shouldn’t have been put in harms way. Is it ridiculous? Of course it is.  But if PETA only sent out measured, reasoned Tweets, no one would pay them any mind. This approach also seems to work for political figures, too. Tweet nonsense and you’re likely to get all sorts of responses. Go look. PETA fires off and in turn it gets a bunch of people to say something.

It’s actually a pretty smart approach and effective if you’re interested in getting responses from knee-jerk enthusiasts who don’t take a breath before shouting from the mountaintop. It’s your fault if you help perpetuate this kind of silliness. Don’t blame PETA and incendiary politicians for wanting the attention. Blame those who give it to them instead.

Meanwhile, back in the real world …

Baylor was the better team Saturday in Stillwater as Oklahoma State fell apart in the fourth quarter, thanks to more mistakes from freshman quarterback Spencer Sanders. It’s a quality win by the Bears on the road, who seem to be set for being the second-best team in the Big 12.

A quick thought on Oklahoma: There was no “Texas hangover” once again for the Sooners who are now 20-1 since 1999 the week after the Texas game. Oklahoma wasn’t playing West Virginia on Saturday, the Sooners were playing against the point spread. What’s that mean? Well, essentially it means they were playing against expectation, and the expectation was that OU would win by about 30 points. The Sooners did that. And they’ll likely have to do that again this Saturday at Kansas State where OU will be about a three-touchdown favorite against the Cats.

After a bye, the Sooners will then take on Iowa State and Baylor. Yes, those teams are playing better, in the case of Iowa State, and a bit of a surprise in the case of Baylor, but Oklahoma’s biggest issue will be the point spread expectation again. OU will be a double-digit favorite in both of those games.

Be ready for the schedule argument to work against Oklahoma in the next few weeks. As college football’s playoff discussion becomes louder, expect a bunch of talk to be about how the Sooners haven’t played anyone. Which is sorta true. Texas was too sleepy against Kansas and UCLA and Houston were disappointments. Of course, none of that is OU’s fault, but right or wrong, this topic is definitely going to come up.

Even more reason for the Sooners to worry about playing against the point spread.

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