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Perine and the Podium

Perine and the Podium

Sure, you’re just getting over the Kevin Durant news and you probably need some time alone to think things over – you know, decompress.

Well, let’s start thinking college football. Kevin Durant could never ruin that, right?

Big 12 Media Days for Oklahoma is July 19 in Dallas and the Sooners will be represented by coach Bob Stoops, linebacker Jordan Evans, quarterback Baker Mayfield, defensive back Ahmad Thomas and running back Samaje Perine.

Now, of course, every team is required to bring its coach, and naturally, Baker Mayfield makes sense to bring along seeing as Mayfield will be a Heisman candidate and one of the most-talked about players in the nation.

Jordan Evans is a local, Oklahoma product and Ahmad Thomas will be the leader of the defensive backfield. Both make sense.

Now, the idea of bringing Perine seems to make sense on face value. After all, he is one the best running backs in the nation and has set Big 12 and national records. Perine could very well end the season as an All-American, too.

But here’s the deal with Perine – he doesn’t enjoy talking. He’s quiet. He’s reserved. He has a genuine distaste for being paraded in front of media and doesn’t seem comfortable anywhere near or behind a podium.

Perhaps its a bit of forced media training for Perine, who will undoubtedly be a sought-after interview for the 2016 season, but the idea of Perine sitting there for two hours forced to answer question after question will be the toughest defense he’ll see all season.

We’ll have all the audio from Dallas coming up. Hopefully Perine will be able to hold up.

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