Pelican Watch, Episode Four: The Tie Continues, Will This Ever End?

Pelican Watch, Episode Four: The Tie Continues, Will This Ever End?


I am not going to have any dang fingernails by the end of this race.

The Oklahoma City Thunder caught what feels like their 32nd lucky break of the year (still doesn’t make up for the injuries) with Russell Westbrook getting his technical removed from last nights game. OKC also got lucky with Portland deciding to rest Aldridge tonight giving what looked like a hard must win game a breath of fresh air.

I just get the feeling that this is almost destiny for the OKC Thunder making the playoffs. The Pelicans have other plans though it looks like. They laugh in the face of destiny. New Orleans took a good first half from the Timberwolves in stride and showed that they are just a far better team. They closed the 2nd half in style and proved why they feel they are a playoff team.

So, it comes down to Wednesday night.

The Thunder should have an easy win versus the Timberwolves that might honestly just not show up with the way their season has gone. With a Thunder win they would still need a Pelicans loss.

The Pelicans have a showdown with the San Antonio Spurs. It is still to be determined if the Spurs are going to playing their starters in this game, if the Grizzlies lose tonight to the Warriors they more than likely would rest them (Grizzlies loss locks the Spurs in the 2nd seed). Essentially giving the win to the Pelicans.

If New Orleans wins. OKC is out. So. For the remainder of the night. Go Grizz. Wednesday?


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