Paul George’s Free Agency Beginning to Ramp Up

Paul George’s Free Agency Beginning to Ramp Up

Yesterday Adrian Wojnarowski reported yesterday that the Oklahoma City Thunder have a “real opportunity” to retain Paul George.

Oklahoma City has done a great job of selling him on a future there. He liked playing with Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams and Billy Donovan. They have a real opportunity to keep him. -Wojnarowksi

There are other interested parties of course.

Many know of the potential of George heading west to the Los Angeles Lakers. George is from the area and has been vocal in the past about the desire to play there. There is also the possibility that LeBron James can join the Lakers so he can George can form a new super team.

Wojnarowski spoke of “conversation or conversations” that George and James will have about a potential joining of forces with the Lakers in the offseason.

The surprise of the report was the possibility of George and the Houston Rockets. Houston makes sense as a potential suitor due to GM Daryl Morey’s desire to win now but this is the first time George and the Rockets have been linked.

“Houston will be aggressive in trying to see if there is a way to get him there,” Wojnarowski said.

The Rockets will have to deal with Chris Paul’s potential free agency as well. There are reports that Paul will not accept anything below a max-contract. If that is the case, Houston will be strapped for cash to deal for potential free agents. Clint Capela could receive a max deal elsewhere — reports of Phoenix being interested, James Harden’s contract and other role player’s deals could keep the Rockets from making a big splash in free agency.

According to Spotrac, Houston is $19 million over the salary cap.

George is set to be a free agent on July 1st. Before now and then is the NBA draft — June 21st — and Carmelo Anthony’s decision to either opt in or opt out of his contract on June 24th.



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