The Overrated or Underrated: OU-Texas Has Arrived

The Overrated or Underrated: OU-Texas Has Arrived


Sam Mayes from the mMm Ranch will be doing his “Overrated or Underrated” throughout the entire Fall to add on from the mMm Ranch’s radio segment that we all are accustomed to. He will discuss a single topic and talk who, what, and why that someone, or something, is “overrated” or “underrated”. 

Overrated: Can’t Have Diamonds Without Pressure, And M. Stoops Isn’t The Only One Looking For Diamonds

After the underwhelming performance from the Oklahoma defense on Saturday, the seat for the defensive coordinator became extremely warm. Mike Stoops has truly been the topic of conversation since that clock struck 0:00. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is a game this week that is bigger than all the others. Stoops and his defense did not have much time to look back at their errors from Iowa State, but neither did Baker Mayfield and his offense.

Mayfield was ready to use the one-liners prior to playing Ohio State including this one, “Without pressure, there is no diamonds.” Well, that pressure has cranked up to the max. This is a game that will define the legacy of a player like Mayfield. There is a possibility that for the first time in his career at Oklahoma, there will be some that doubt him from his own fanbase if a loss to Texas does happen. Beat Texas, and no one bats an eye after last week. That’s just how things go around here.

Let’s not forget about the one sending plays into Mayfield, either. A lot of this does fall back onto Lincoln Riley and his play calling. Riley can’t be looking to switch the momentum in one play anymore. The last four weeks, it feels almost as if he is trying to get the defense to play with confidence bad enough that he went away from the game-plan to do so. This is a game that he will truly just need to take what’s in front of him. Some are worried what a loss here will mean for Mike Stoops, but better question, what will it mean for Lincoln Riley?

It’s OU-Texas. It’s one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. It’s the only game out there that one part of the crowd cheers loudly for a four-yard gain, and the other part of the crowd moans as if they just lost the Super Bowl. This is a game that should welcome pressure. You should be able to feel how important this game is to your respected fanbase. It’s games like these that can define a player or a coach. I believe it would be illegal to mine at the Texas State Fair, but Mayfield, Riley, and Stoops will be looking for much needed diamonds after the clock strikes 0:00 at the Cotton Bowl tomorrow.

Underrated: Saturday Is Moving Day For More Than Just Golf

Here is what the current standings in the Big 12 look like:

1) TCU (2-0)
3) Iowa State (1-1)
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
West Virginia
9) Baylor (0-2)

There is nobody, and I mean nobody, that could have possibly predicted this after two weeks into Big 12 play:

  1. TCU and Texas are sitting at the top
  2. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are bunched together with Iowa State and Texas Tech

The headlines for this weekend are beyond than just OU-Texas. Kansas State is looking to rise up into the Big 12 Conference Championship with a win over TCU. TCU is looking to remain in the College Football Playoff hunt while playing the underdog role (according to Vegas) in Manhattan. Is Texas Tech ready to win more than six or seven games? Can West Virginia separate themselves from the middle-of-the-pack to year-in and year-out contenders in the Big 12? Oh, and Oklahoma State needs to take a page out of the Oklahoma book and take care of business against a sneaky Baylor team.

It’s truly moving day in the Big 12 on Saturday. The slate of games outside of OU-Texas are completely underrated. We are going to find out more about these teams than we have this season. Hell, Iowa State has a chance to sit atop of this conference come Sunday. This is a Saturday that national and local media will be taking a real hard look at the Big 12. No more time for excuses in this conference, the chase for the conference championship is at full-speed.

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