The Overrated or Underrated: It’s a big one in Stillwater this weekend

OSU quarterback Mason Rudolph. (PHOTO: Daily O'Collegian)
The Overrated or Underrated: It’s a big one in Stillwater this weekend


Sam Mayes from the mMm Ranch will be doing his “Overrated or Underrated” throughout the entire Fall to add on from the mMm Ranch’s radio segment that we all are accustomed to. He will discuss a single topic and talk who, what, and why that someone, or something, is “overrated” or “underrated”. 

Overrated: College Gameday Heading To New York City

Every Saturday morning, the kids make their way to the table for breakfast and there is one thing that is consistent–College Gameday is playing in the background. That show is the only thing on ESPN that is worth watching anymore. College Gameday has just become one with college football over the last twenty years. It is truly a part of the regular college football schedule.

One of the main reasons people are enamored with Gameday is the college aspect of it. The crazy fans show up bright and early hoping that they get their five seconds of fame on television. ESPN does a good job promoting each fanbase and their beloved university with their placement of the set and the shots of the campus during the show. The signs, the breakdowns, the views, and the picks bring interest from every generation of football fans….and there is just one thing about it being in Stillwater.

Some destinations for College Gameday are memorable, but Oklahoma State makes it special. The students get there at the crack of dawn to make sure every shot from the set shows them being loud and proud. The boos are imminent at any point the Sooners and Longhorns are mentioned, and the cheers for any current or former player ring louder than they do at most other places. Maybe it’s the idea that Oklahoma State is disrespected on the national scale that does it, but for some reason the Cowboy faithful make sure the country know just what they are all about when Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso are in town.

So when there is only one Top 20 matchup on the slate that involves a Top 10 team, let’s take College Gameday away from a campus and put it in New York City where college football is basically irrelevant. It is clear that ESPN is out-of-touch with their viewers if they truly feel it is better to take away the college atmosphere of College Gameday. Sure, everyone expects Bedlam to get the VIP treatment for that weekend, but the fact that ESPN chose to not be in Stillwater this week is completely overrated. This was a step in the right direction to show the country the attention Oklahoma State should get as a contender, and ESPN has failed them once again.

Underrated: Oklahoma State, Not Anyone Else, Gets First Big Game Of Big 12 Play


Finally Oklahoma State has a game that is the only marquee game in this conference and region. The Cowboys have, somewhat, been in the shadow the last three weeks of other top teams playing in nationally respected games. Now? Mike Gundy and company get a chance to be the spotlight this week. TCU is not known to be a contender in the Big 12 quite yet, but that win against Arkansas has given them some respect on the national level and a No. 16 ranking.

The “they haven’t played anybody” and the “play a real team” groups have been out in full force after Oklahoma State has done everything they possibly could the first three weeks. Mason Rudolph and the offense’s big numbers have been thrown to the side because of who they played. Not many times can that happen with a Heisman contender, but if you are a Cowboy fan, how can you not see why? Well… the Cowboys get their chance this week.

TCU is no Oklahoma, but this is their first benchmark early in 2017. This is the first real test for an Oklahoma State team that is hungry to be recognized as a legitimate contender for the College Football Playoff. If the Cowboys continue to do what they have done the first three weeks, there is no one that can discredit them after this game. No one has the fair argument to say that they haven’t played anybody once the ball is kicked off at Boone Pickens Stadium on Saturday.

This opportunity for Mike Gundy, Mason Rudolph, and the rest of the Cowboys this weekend is underrated. The game is not getting talked about enough as the focus as solely been on Alabama, Oklahoma, and Clemson. You want the credentials of being a contender in 2017? Beat TCU, and beat them handily. No one can take this game away from the Cowboys. The opportunity is there and it is time for Oklahoma State to make the most of it.

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