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OU/Texas: Behind the mug

OU/Texas: Behind the mug

Talking to Bob Stoops after his weekly press conference he reiterated that even after 18 years OU-Texas week is still something special. For the fans, it’s the same feeling. Not only OU-Texas arguably the best rivalry in college football but atmosphere comes close to what we get to experience not just in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday but the night before the game brings it’s own intensity to this storied matchup.
When recounting tales of OU-Texas past with friends very rarely doest the game, enter the conversation. It’s what goes on before and after the contest that counts.
My first real taste of the Red River Raid came in 1992. To keep the people employed and protect the innocent, we’ll keep names out, and associations vague. To start the weekend we met at LNC early that Friday morning. At this time I would like to thank The University of Oklahoma for giving us that day off. First on the agenda was “The Race.” The race: was about beer. Two charter buses waited on each one was a keg of Schlitz, whichever, bus load finished their keg first, got the third barrel that was underneath bus one. To make sure there were no shenanigans, we would stop at the Red River, and see if there was anything left in each keg. The sheer determination of my bus to win was only matched by the 85 Bears, in Super Bowl XX. We’re talking guys who were double fisting it, not with mugs, but with pitchers that were “souvenirs.” from other nights of debauchery.
Needless to say, emerged victoriously, and this was just the beginning of a trip that rival when Motley Cure and Ozzy were touring together.
By the time we got to Dallas or was it Garland? Everybody was feeling pretty damn festive, after a quick dinner at the San Francisco Steak House, we hit the West End. For about half an hour it was a well intended shouting match with Texas students. While not so good-natured barbs were exchanged, a kid of not more than ten years old, told me to “go to hell.” No sooner than the words came out of his mouth, a full can of Miller Lite whizzed right past the right side of my head. Don’t know what the beer did deserve to be thrown, but, hey, had one of my friends caught it, it would have ha a good home.
Around midnight, it was back to the hotel to do our damnedest to pull a Led Zeppelin at the Hyatt House. No TV’s went out the window, no cars, ended up in a pool. But, we did succeed in getting ban from that particular hotel for life. For not being a rock star or a member of the 75 Oakland Raiders, it’s kind of a cool badge of honor to have now, maybe not so much at the time but, 24 years later..I can tell my kids “this is how you party.” The Staw that broke the camel’s back was when my friend, Beaux, who looked like a 5-9 Kelly Gregg, went Hulk and high-fived an exit sign. No description can do it justice but just imagine, shirtless guy, walking around a hall making sounds like Pumba from Lion King, then taking out his aggression on some unfortunate sign. How they let us stay the next night, is still a mystery.
Not much about the game is worth talking about; Sooners lost, their 4th straight to the Longhorns, and what better way to get over a loss than drink not only Saturday night but all day Sunday on the way back. That 36-hour window is a blur.
Somehow most of us were in class on Monday, and by Wednesday we were looking forward to the next game. All in al it was a successful OU-Texas weekend. But it’s a young man’s game. Unless of Course, you’re part of the MMM Ranch. Still, I think they are welcome at all hotels in the DFW area, and for work sake, it probbaly needs to stay that way.

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