OU vs. TCU: The Morning After

Baker Mayfield proved his worth by not playing.
OU vs. TCU: The Morning After

A couple of quick reactions after sleeping on a 30-29 OU win over TCU.

  • If Baker Mayfield hadn’t already solidified his spot as the most influential player on the team, he proved it through his absence. The offense reverted back to 2014 without him.
  • It’s not often I say DON’T go for the win when all you have is two yards to go, but I think it would’ve been prudent (hindsight alert) to kick the extra point and go to overtime if I were Gary Patterson. TCU’s defense had made the Sooners offense an afterthought. And your offense was humming.
  • Of course, I do see the other side. If you’re Patterson, do you really want to give your backup QB the ball any more than you absolutely have to? And, like I always say on the show, you have two yards to win the game, right? I think Patterson would’ve taken that option before the game began. But, this is one of those rare spots I would’ve been comfortable taking my team to OT if I were TCU.
  • Steven Parker eats for free in Norman… for life. Huge knockdown on the potential game-winning two-point conversion. Be honest: you all thought for one split second that the season was over for the Sooners. Don’t lie.
  • Got to hand it to Bob Stoops and company for keeping Baker Mayfield out of the game. That had to have been terrible thing to hear and consider and there are some coaches that would’ve laughed in the face of the doctors and said “uh, no, my starting quarterback is playing.” Good on Stoops for doing the right thing.
  • That said, Mayfield should have been pulled immediately. The doctors/coaches came to their senses too late. Mayfield loves to scramble (and continued to scramble after being concussed), and he was one solid hit away from something potentially life-altering happening.
  • In the aftermath of all of this, the good news for Sooners fans, as it pertains to the college football playoff rankings, is that you’ve now had to play (and win) with a backup quarterback yourselves. So, if they hold it against you that you’ve beaten teams with backup QBs, you’ve at least got a rebuttal.
  • In that same vein, numerous teams at the top of the college football playoff rankings this week all took tight wins as solid favorites against very inferior teams–Notre Dame (vs. Boston College) and Florida (vs. Florida Atlantic) are the big ones. If the playoff committee treats them the way they treated TCU after last week’s narrow win over Kansas–by knocking them down a couple of slots–then, that leaves OU in that much better shape in the eyes of the playoff committee, the Sooners’ tight win notwithstanding.
  • But, who knows with this committee, right?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. victor riggs

    November 22, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Damn you, McCrite! You’re starting to say things I agree with. Good article.

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