OU looks to exorcise Final Four ghost

OU looks to exorcise Final Four ghost

It’s time to extract some ghost. The specter of the 1987-1988 Oklahoma Men’s basketball team hangs over sooner nation reminding all 40 somethings of what might have been. Mookie Blaylock, Stacie King, Ricky Grace and Dave Siger should all have National Championship rings. Right now, Danny Manning and Larry Brown are probably having a phone conversation about how one of the best teams in college basketball history, saved their worst game for the last one of the season. ENOUGH with 1988 already! As Rafiki says “It’s in the past.” The here and now is a hell of a lot of fun, the 2015-2016 OU Men’s Basketball team is doing everything in their power to make us forget about the heartache we felt 28 years ago.

The Sooners steamrolled to an appearance in tonight’s Final Four matchup with Villanova, whipping both Texas A&M and number one seed Oregon. In the process, they are sparking conversation about whether the 2015-2016 team should be mentioned in the same breath as the 88 squad.

Billy Tubs the coach of the 88 Sooners says “We beat people worse in 88 than the Sooners are beating people now. We didn’t have that many close games.” Tubb’s team was averaging 103 points that season which makes it all the more puzzling as to how they only scored 79 in losing the championship game to Kansas.

Tubbs continued. ” We didn’t just beat you; we could beat the hell out of you if we wanted to.” It’s not bragging if you’re telling the truth, and Tubbs is doing that. Tubbs needs to remember his team came up short. The average fan most likely can’t remember OU being in the championship game. What they can remember is Danny and the Miracles.

For Buddy Hield, Ryan Spangler, Isiah Cousins, and Jordan Woodard, this is their time. Win the next two, and you’ll be the most beloved time in OU hoops history.


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