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OU-Baylor: 20 predictions for today’s game

OU-Baylor: 20 predictions for today’s game

Some Oklahoma fans hate Texas. Others despise Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State fans are no different. Some can’t stand the Sooners and others have disdain for the Longhorns.

These days everyone can agree on pretty much one thing: Baylor is the worst.

1. That’s what Sooner fans will be thinking today when OU kicks off against the Bears this afternoon in the Big 12 Conference opener for both teams. Count that as a truth. And here are 19 others sure to happen in Waco today, too:

With a pair of games against the lower tier of the Big 12 up next for the Sooners, OU is not going to be very relevant. That’s what happens when you play Baylor and Iowa State – thanks schedule-makers. So, that means OU and Lincoln Riley are going to have to create their own news. It’ll happen today.

2. Baker Mayfield will throw three touchdown passes. 3. In the first half. 4. And you’ll say Baylor deserves it. Which the Bears ultimately probably do. No one feels sorry for Baylor and there’s a feeling out there, if OU scores 50, 5. which it will, no one will consider it running up the score.

And as likely as it will be that the Sooners get their offense going, today will be a better opportunity to figure out the running game. Rodney Anderson, who hasn’t shown much so far this season, despite an offseason of considerable hype, 6. will rush for 100-plus yards. 7. and score a touchdown.

Meanwhile, more quiet than usual and more calm than predicted, defensive coordinator Mike Stoops has sorta been in the shadows all season. 8. He’ll get some camera time on the TV broadcast because 9. the Oklahoma defense will come up with a turnover on Baylor’s first drive and 10. and have at least three turnovers for the game. 11. But you’ll see Stoops caught on camera at least once either banging on the pressbox glass or looking like he might just burst a blood vessel.

12.  You won’t be nearly as stressed. 13. Sooners score on their first possession. 14. And their second. 15. And lead by three-plus touchdowns by halftime. But because the hatred of Baylor runs deep, 16. we’ll see Mayfield start the second half although 17. Kyler Murray will be in before the third quarter ends.

18. You’ll actually feel sorry for Baylor coach Matt Ruhle. By all accounts he’s a pretty nice guy. 19. You won’t feel sorry for Baylor, though. 20. Give the points. Sooners cover easy, 58-14.

Last week: 9-11. Check my math here.

Overall: 33-27




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