OSU: I Thought I Told You we Won’t Stop

OSU: I Thought I Told You we Won’t Stop
 The date is 11/14/2015 but the game Oklahoma State played almost looked like it should’ve been in 2011.
Entering the game as the undeniable favorite, Oklahoma State didn’t look good from the start.
After the first quarter, Iowa State looked like the much better team, but looking very familiar to Oklahoma State fans as the Cowboys were down 17-7 after the first. The Cowboy defense continued its struggle but sort of found its footing in the second quarter, allowing only a single touchdown. OSU would go into the half down 24-14.
OSU defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer pulled another miracle out of his back pocket in the second half, allowing only one second half touchdown while the OSU offense scored three touchdowns. The Cowboys finally secured the lead with just over three minutes left in the game off a J.W. Walsh throw to Jeff Carr to make it 35-31.
This game was not pretty but the Cowboys showed something, resilience. Although they were down early, the defense buckled up against a good running team in Iowa State and the offense continued to produce.
Although this game is a win for Oklahoma State, the college football playoff committee likely won’t move the Pokes up in the polls if Iowa and Stanford grab a win, despite the Pokes having a better resume.
• Oklahoma State is a very resilient team, falling behind teams multiple times this year only to steal it in the second half.
• The mix between Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh is something you don’t see very often in football but it’s working.
• The Oklahoma State receiver core is something special. Although the Cyclones virtually shut out star wideout James Washington, Rudolph made quick work of everyone else, especially Marcel Ateman.
• Emmanuel Ogbah can not be stopped. With two sacks today, he moved to 11 on the year.
• The Big 12 runs through Stillwater. If OSU can play well against Baylor and Oklahoma, this team can be dangerous.
• Games to watch tonight:
o Oklahoma At Baylor
o Iowa and Minnesota
o Stanford and Oregon

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