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OSU has more than you think riding on this game Saturday

OSU has more than you think riding on this game Saturday

Just a quick thought of the day, but do you realize how OSU could easily put itself in the national picture with a win against Texas Saturday?

Now, of course, that’s a big ask, but the Cowboys are in great shape to set up the rest of their season, if they can get a win against the Longhorns in Austin, a place where they have had a lot of recent success. 

Oklahoma State will go into its game Saturday as an underdog, but if the Cowboys were able to win, not only would they be a favorite in every game until Bedlam, they’d be in great position to be playing for a Big 12 championship. 

Now, most won’t give the Cowboys much of a shot here, and nationally, few probably know about how good OSU has been in Austin. OSU has won four in a row overall in the series and five in a row in Austin. They’ll be about a touchdown underdog this time around. Meanwhile, Texas is desperate after losing to LSU at home a few weeks ago. The Longhorns don’t have much wiggle room.

But let’s spin it forward. A win against Texas would put the Cowboys at 4-0 on the season and they would then have games home against Kansas State in a revenge spot, at a depleted Tech team, home against Baylor in another revenge spot before taking on a hard-to-figure Iowa State team.

The Cowboys will be favored in all of those games and will certainly be favored in the next three after that – home against TCU, Kansas and then at West Virginia.

Now, yes, it’s a lot of projecting, and yes, a lot can change before then, but this Texas matchup is a bigger game than a lot of us anticipated.

The best thing for the Big 12 and its future success this season would be for Texas to win. After all, a Longhorn loss and they are out of the playoff picture. No chance Texas gets into the playoffs with two losses. 

But OSU has a lot to gain here. One more win in Austin and this team, which was expected to finish in the middle of the pack in the Big 12, will set itself up for success. 


Andrew Gilman

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