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Oklahoma’s dominant win over Ohio State was still relevant in the media on Tuesday thanks to… Siri

Oklahoma’s dominant win over Ohio State was still relevant in the media on Tuesday thanks to… Siri

Sooners’ Fans Get Last Laugh At Ohio State

Soon after Baker Mayfield planted the Oklahoma flag inside the Block O, a Sooner fan jokingly went to the Ohio Stadium Wikipedia page and changed a certain particular about it–the owner section. It was changed from “Ohio State University” to “Baker Mayfield”. The first screen shot went viral and Sooners’ fans made sure everyone saw it. The update on the Wikipedia page was just a part of the icing on the cake for Oklahoma and their fans.

Well, the real icing of the update on Ohio Stadium’s Wikipedia page came this afternoon. Nobody went back to the page and fixed it to the right Owner even after 48 hours. So…someone went on their iPhone, held down their¬†home button, and asked Siri just who the Owner of Ohio Stadium was. The response was epic:



The screenshot went completely viral. Plenty of national media got ahold of it and posted their own screenshot to the Buckeyes’ dismay. To their luck, anyone asking Siri if she knows the owner will get the right answer with “Ohio State University” now. This screenshot is just a small part of the ammunition that Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma gave their fanbase to use after the big win on Saturday.

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