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Oklahoma State Football Media Guide is Out in Frisco at Big 12 Media Days

Oklahoma State Football Media Guide is Out in Frisco at Big 12 Media Days

The new media guide is out! The new media guide is out! Okay, it’s not quite Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk, but it is another sign that football season is rapidly approaching.

FRISCO, Texas — Not everybody in the media heads over to the venue on Sunday, the day before the Big 12 Football Media Days kickoff, but Zach Lancaster and I ventured to The Star late Sunday afternoon to eyeball the layout. It is great with radio row for us in the morning smack dab down the middle of the field. That should make it easier to grab guests and get some interviews flowing early. Everything is in the main stadium, which is an indoor stadium used for practice by the Dallas Cowboys and with 12,000 seats is also used by the Frisco area schools for games and by the UIL for high school playoff games in the postseason. Down on the end of the field was a table that media folks visit and partake of all that is offered. The Big 12 Media Guides were out, all except Iowa State and Baylor and those should arrive tomorrow with Baylor coming on Tuesday their…

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