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OKC Using the Waive and Stretch Provision on Singler

OKC Using the Waive and Stretch Provision on Singler

The Oklahoma City Thunder have utilized the waive and stretch provision on forward Kyle Singler per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This comes to no surprise from around the league. The Thunder have typically run with 14-players on their roster to start the season. The loss of Singler brings the roster to 14. Sam Presti now has the flexibility to add a minimum contract later on during the season or to continue saving on a large tax bill.

$23.4 million to be exact.

The waive and stretch provision applies to the terms of the specific contract being waived. The team will stretch the remaining salary and pay the player over a number of years. The equation is simply thus:

2X + 1 = Amount of years. X stands for the amount of seasons left on the player’s contract.

In this situation, Singler has this season and a non-guaranteed year left on his contract. Two seasons multiplied by two plus one equals five seasons for which the Thunder are now responsible for paying.

But because of the second year being a non-guaranteed deal, the Thunder can spread Singler’s $5 million over the five seasons they are responsible.

The Thunder have typically shied away from paying players to not play. With little to no advantageous trade options, the shaving of the tax bill along with the minimal cap hit over the five year period made the most sense.

Singler was originally apart of the Reggie Jackson deal that sent the former Thunder guard to Detroit. The Duke Blue Devil was a high percentage shooter from deep in his two full seasons with the Pistons. In his final 54 games in the 2014-15 season with Detroit, he shot 41% from three.

For whatever reason, it just didn’t work in Oklahoma City. Singler started 22 games over the next three seasons, with 18 of those coming in the injury plagued season when he was brought over to the Thunder.

He only appeared in 12 games last season and 32 the year prior.

Singler leaves the Thunder as the fourth-longest tenured player on the roster. Russell Westbrook has spent all 10 of his seasons with Oklahoma City, and only Andre Roberson and Steven Adams have been with the Thunder longer at five years.


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