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No Quality Wins Hurts Ok. St. in the First CFP Poll

No Quality Wins Hurts Ok. St. in the First CFP Poll

Oklahoma State is ranked No. 11 in the first College Football Playoff poll. The committee is clearly looking at The Cowboys as a team that doesn’t have a marquee win. OSU fans will surely be upset about not being ranked in the Top 10, but two of its best three opponents are still on the schedule.

West Virginia is Oklahoma State’s best win of the season, and the Mountaineers aren’t a top-25 team. The Cowboys still have a chance to impress the committee, with 5th-ranked Oklahoma and 15th-ranked Iowa State on the schedule the next two weeks. We all know if OSU loses another game they’re out of the playoff race, so let’s assume for the sake of argument that they win out. Winning out would get Oklahoma State in to the Big 12 Championship game, which would give the Cowboys another chance for a quality win, potentially in a rematch with one-loss TCU.

The committee judges a team’s résumé based on what it is today. It’s not the committee’s job to project what a team’s résumé will look like at the end of the season (that’s what the final rankings are for).

Today, Oklahoma State’s résumé isn’t nearly good enough to be in the conversation with the top teams in the country. The Cowboys have three more chances to get some quality wins: Oklahoma, Iowa State and the Big 12 Championship game. If they win those three games, they’ll have a chance to dance in the playoff.

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