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The NBA playoffs haven’t been that bad

The NBA playoffs haven’t been that bad

We knew Golden State and Cleveland were the teams to beat this NBA season.

We knew it as soon as July when Kevin Durant left OKC and joined the Warriors. We knew it in October when LeBron James reported to preseason practice and joined his teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

And we knew it when the playoffs started a month ago.

So why is everyone so down about how this season’s playoffs have turned out when in reality it’s been perfect?

I want to see Peal Jam at their best, so what’s it matter if the warm-up act stinks? It doesn’t. I want to see Cleveland and LeBron take on Golden State and Durant. It matters to me very little Toronto and Utah didn’t play more close games. The fact Portland or Milwaukee didn’t play better games doesn’t factor into any of regular conversations, so why make that the barometer of whether the playoffs are good?

The Warriors are winning by 17 points per playoff game. The Cavs aren’t that far behind and that’s just fine by me. I don’t need drama before the drama, because that’s what we should get. The fact Golden State and Cleveland are a combined 23-1 heading into their Finals matchup makes what we’re going to see even more compelling and makes what we’ve seen so far from the other 14 teams in the playoffs irrelevant. But we knew that was going to be the case before the season started.

We’re within a game of getting an epic third meeting in a row featuring LeBron, who might be the greatest player of all time and the Warriors, who feature some of the best players in the game today.

I’m good with that. And it doesn’t matter to me how we’ve got to this point, either.

So,the playoffs haven’t held your interest so far. There have been too many blowouts. Fine. When this Finals goes six or seven games it will make up for it all and we’ll be talking about how great of a matchup we’re able to see, not about how we sure wish Milwaukee could have just kept it closer in the first round.

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