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Mayfield Needs Lifetime Eligibility

Mayfield Needs Lifetime Eligibility

Some guys are the perfect fit for college football. Baker Mayfield is one of those guys.

As the Sooner senior quarterback sliced and diced the UTEP secondary Saturday, the realization probably set in for most OU fans, this is it for Mayfield, catch the show while you still can.

If only this guy could play college football forever. Is there some way the NCAA can make this happen?

Led Zeppelin only played together for 12 years. The Stones have been at it for 55 now! (Damn you, John Bonham) The Baker show will run for 3 just years in Norman. That’s not enough!

I’m not saying Mayfield won’t have a shot in the NFL. Doubting this kid has been a big mistake so far, helping create the boulder on his shoulder and seems to serve as an endless supply of “Baker fuel.”

After setting the all-time record for FBS quarterback efficiency last season, all Mayfield did in the opener with the Miners was go 19-20 for 329 yards and 3 touchdowns. In a half. Not a bad way to start your senior season.

Mayfield is just plain fun to watch play the game. He’s not your textbook, robotic, 6-foot-3 stay in the pocket and throw darts guy. He’s the dude in the intramural game (where he also once starred) who has you thinking “how is this guy killing us?”

What also makes Mayfield special is his charisma. Teammates love him. Opposing fans hate him. The headband. The occasional Fu Manchu. The Swagger. Pretty sure Mayfield would be a heel if he ever entered the world of pro wrestling. You might despise him, but you couldn’t turn the channel.

Mayfield has the “it” factor and tremendous ability that few Sooner players have been blessed with. Brian Bosworth is the closest example. “The Boz” had the talent to play the game at a high level with the personality to inspire some and infuriate others.

Baker will get his shot in the NFL. Might not make it. Might end up holding a clipboard. Just don’t count him out. That’s a conversation for another day.

Right now just enjoy watching this kid play college football, where he excels. It’s a heckuva show. So entertaining that it might just earn Mayfield the Sooners’ sixth Heisman Trophy.

Then, even if he doesn’t make it in the NFL, he’ll at least get some of that Air Comfort Solutions cash.

He’ll always have our attention.


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