Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart
There are times when we are put into situations that cloud our judgement.  Usually, those times can be described as matters of the mind, and matters of the heart.  The mind is our sense of logic, reason, and experience, whereas, the heart is filled with dreams, emotions, and wonder.
            Which brings us to the 2015 Oklahoma football season, and the rollercoaster ride that it has been.  All summer, the media gave fans the wait and see approach.  Our minds told us that we should be cautious of raising our car flags, and purchasing jerseys.  Wait and see when they play Tennessee, was the banner.  Then after Tennessee, our hearts began to control our thoughts.  People began to say, ‘What if?’.
            Just as soon as those thoughts began to creep into our heads, Texas happened, and after hearts bled crimson in Dallas, the mind began to take over again.  Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Kansas, did little to make the heart grow fond of these Sooners.  As a matter of fact, those games toyed with fans’ ability for reason.  ‘Where was that at for the Texas game’, is what most people are thinking, and as for Iowa State, after what they did to Texas, fans will be even more confused if OU rolls in that game.
            This brings us to a November that all fans will remember.  The meat of the schedule that will feature three tests that will undoubtedly play games with your mind and your heart.  When the smoke clears we will all have an idea of how good this team really is.  My suggestion is to stick with both your heart, and your mind.  Embrace these last few weeks and let your fan flag fly.  For the key to a healthy fan experience, is just like the key to a healthy offense, balance.  

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