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There are so many more important things to get upset about than college football rankings

There are so many more important things to get upset about than college football rankings

The rankings don’t matter. It’s worth repeating. The weekly rankings by sportswriters and by coaches in their respective polls serve only one purpose: Amusement. Your anger is better spent digesting your high school friend’s misplaced political rant on Facebook

Get mad about that party you found out you weren’t invited to, thanks to Facebook, not the silliness of how Ohio State is ranked ahead of Oklahoma, not just by a little, but by five spots in the Associated Press poll and by six spots in the Coaches poll. Rage-worthy? Yes, if you’re talking see your work colleague’s “Totes-Amazing” costume, which isn’t even close to #BestHalloweenEver, but not if you’re talking about football polls.

The idea of Oklahoma fans getting upset about where Ohio State falls in relation to OU is a dangerous game to play. Then again, so is sending strangers LinkedIn invitations, but hey, that’s never stopped anyone before.

After all, shouldn’t Iowa State be ranked ahead of the Sooners? The Cyclones and the Sooners each have an all-timer of a road win this season having beaten top-three teams on the road. But the Cyclones also have another top-five win after beating TCU this past weekend.

No other team has a pair of top-five wins this season. Meanwhile, you could easily make the argument the Sooners have looked worse than the Cyclones, too. Winless Baylor had a second-half lead on the Sooners. Average Texas led OU in the fourth quarter. Sub-.500 Kansas State had a two-touchdown, first-half lead against the Sooners. Even Texas Tech, which will need a minor miracle to make a bowl game this season, scored 20 first-quarter points against OU before the Sooners figured things out.

So, yes, Iowa State has a bad loss at home to Iowa, another bad loss at home to Texas, but both of those games were before the Cyclones were backed into a quarterback change. It’s worked. The point is, it’s best not to get into a debate where head-to-head is your main criteria – at least at this point in the season.

But ultimately, the point is, the only thing that matters is keeping up your appearances on social media, not dying on a lonely hill of meaningless college football rankings. And Tuesday when the College Football Playoff Committee releases its top-six teams, that doesn’t matter, either. Don’t get worked up about unbeaten Miami and Wisconsin or whether the Sooners are passing the “eye test.” There are no computers or formula. We don’t even know if there’s a uniform criteria the committee uses. There’s no bind between Tuesday’s rankings and the final ones that will determine the four teams that make the playoff. All of that means none of this matters. The only thing that’s worth considering is if OU or OSU win the rest of their games. What happens then?

Don’t get mad about Iowa State or Oklahoma or Ohio State. Save it for something else and click “maybe” on whether you’ll attend your co-worker’s lame party.

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