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LeBron as a Warrior? Yes, please

LeBron as a Warrior? Yes, please

A few things about a few subjects. Enjoy your weekend.

… I sorta wanna see LeBron somehow end up at Golden State. Kevin Durant was the unlikely villain a season ago after he left the Thunder and joined Golden State, but the hatred, at least around here, seems to have died down. Now, LeBron, that would be great. It would be just another chapter in a fascinating saga. LeBron has gone from hero (in Cleveland) to bad guy (leaving for Miami) to hero again (back to Cleveland). If he leaves for Golden State, this would be LeBron totally reinventing himself. Mark me down for being extremely interested. …

… Trae Young has been great for Oklahoma basketball. Pretty hard to believe Young is going to be the third national Player of the Year at Oklahoma in the past decade-plus along with Blake Griffin and Buddy Hield. Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas? Nope. None of those places have done it. Not bad for a football school. …

… Thursday night in Denver, a fan walked onto the court and acted like a low-key moron by yelling in Westbrook’s face after the Nuggets win. It’s the second time this week a fan has come onto the court (the other was in New Orleans when a fan was taken off the court after getting up a shot during warm-ups). Honestly, I’m surprised more fans don’t come onto the court more often. With the proximity to the players and the emotion in the NBA, you’d think bad behavior would be more of a regular happening. As much as we can blame the security in Denver for allowing it to happen, at least nothing escalated. …

… For all those who think golf is just a bunch of robotic guys as walking billboards with no personality, well, you’re pretty much right. But this week is a refreshing oasis in the Arizona desert of uniformity. The Waste Management Open is going on and it’s the only stop on the PGA Tour where fans behave like, well, they behave like fans. The 16th hole is a par-3 disguised as a frat party. There’s loud booing, there’s cheering for good shots and there’s obviously beer. Lots of it. Now, some players show up and treat it like any other shot and situation, and some invite the crowd to cheer or boo louder. The stadium set up at 16 is unique. Kinda wish there were more golf holes like it. …


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