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Know Your Enemy: Bedlam

Know Your Enemy: Bedlam

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Face-off In A Playoff Elimination Game

WHO: Oklahoma (7-1) @ Oklahoma State (7-1)

WHEN: Saturday, November 4th @ 3:00 PM CT

WHERE: Stillwater, Oklahoma

HOW TO WATCH: Fox Sports One

MATCHUPS TO WATCH: In the first time in a longtime, Bedlam will be a battle of strengths: Oklahoma State’s aerial assault meets Oklahoma’s balanced offense. These are two of the top offenses in the entire country meeting up in a game that literally is for all the marbles. Every Bedlam before this one has had their own piece in Oklahoma history, but there hasn’t been one with these huge of implications.

The biggest matchup of this game will be Oklahoma State’s receiving corp against Oklahoma’s cornerbacks. Jordan Thomas and Parnell Motley have been caught biting on a double-move or looking into the backfield for most of the year. If they become susceptible to the big pass play, Mason Rudolph and the Oklahoma State offense will be looking to exploit it over and over again. Oklahoma State is capable to get in a scary rhythm with their pass game, and Mike Stoops’ and the Oklahoma defense will need to do whatever they can to contain it.

The next matchup to watch will be Ogbonnia Okoronkwo against Oklahoma State’s offensive tackles. Mason Rudolph has been getting hit in the backfield consistently the last three to four weeks. With Obo becoming one of the elite pass rushers in all of college football, the Cowboys must be able to send help his way with a running back or h-back. Rudolph is an elite quarterback when he has time to sit back and find his receivers to throw deep, but the jury is out on if the Oklahoma State offensive line will give him that needed time.

Lastly, the ultimate chess match will be between Glenn Spencer and Oklahoma’s offensive line. Can Spencer dial up enough confusion to get pressure on Baker Mayfield? Oklahoma State’s best hope defensively is to be able to blitz enough to force Oklahoma’s experienced offensive line to have miscues. The biggest piece for the Cowboys today may be Calvin Bundage. Bundage is a fierce blitzer from the secondary that has shown the capability of running down quarterbacks who elude pressure. Fully expect Glenn Spencer to send pressure from all different parts of the field in order to get the Sooners offensive line confused.

With Gus Johnson calling the game, Bedlam is sure to happen. Oklahoma State’s offense is exceptional at what Oklahoma’s defense struggles against. The Cowboys have issues stopping what the Sooners do on offense. This is a battle that is sure to separate the state of Oklahoma for three hours. This is Bedlam.

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