Kevin Durant owed us Nothing

Kevin Durant owed us Nothing

Oklahoma City was lucky to have Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant was lucky to be in Oklahoma City.

Starving for attention and new to the NBA, Oklahoma City embraced Durant and seemingly Durant did the same. He didn’t just become part of Oklahoma, he was Oklahoma, giving back to the community and the community loved him for it.

Remember that as you navigate through your hotdogs and your gamey potato salad today. Remember that, as a Thunder fan, an Oklahoman or anything else you want to call yourself.

Remember that, because Kevin Durant did all of that and never owed us anything.

He played for the Thunder, he was wildly successful for the Thunder. He was great for Oklahoma, the state, the economy and more, but let’s not pretend like we know him or understand him. He was bound by nothing. He answers to no one.

Be upset your favorite team lost a great player, but to find some tweet Durant posted from six years ago, to blast him on social media, to take it personally, is silly. That’s on you. Not him.

Professional sports is the only arena where people get criticized by strangers for leaving a team. Any other job, any other situation, and the opportunity to work with friends, to have immediate and possibly greater success, is encouraged. You’d never be called a sell-out if you left your job for the chance to better yourself, so don’t do that when it comes to Durant.

No one is saying you have to be happy KD is leaving. No reason to be, but to suggest Durant isn’t loyal, or to think this is some sort of expert level betrayal isn’t right. It’s a small-town mentality and it’s an ugly look.

Durant played nine seasons for the organization – one in Seattle, the past eight in OKC. The city was lucky to have him. No one here earned Durant, he wasn’t betrothed to our city forever and ever. He fell to the organization with the second pick of the draft when Portland picked Greg Oden.

Now Durant has changed his mind. He hasn’t sold out. He picked Golden State. And that’s OK, because he owed us nothing.

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