Kelly Gregg Recounts the Monday Night Lights

Kelly Gregg Recounts the Monday Night Lights

MNFThe NFL season is finally here after months of waiting. Our own Kelly Gregg was always excited for the opening kickoff, but could do without the extra glitz and waiting. It was a chance to shine, though, being the “The only show in town.”

“It was always fun to do the, “Kelly Gregg – University of Oklahoma,” Gregg said. “Obviously a lot more national media, not just the regular beat writers. Not like you’re playing … against the Bengals or something.”

“If it’s Monday, Sunday night, Thursday, that’s big time. It’s not like it’s one of them sleepers, Jaguars – Titans, late in the season Thursday. This is everyone watching.”

The excitement extends beyond just the field, it’s also an experience for the fans at the stadium and home. All of that was lost on Kelly, though, who just wanted to get out there and play.

“I always hated (the national games), a little more pregame to it, takes a little bit longer. I’m like, “Let’s get this going!” A little more glitzy, more stuff for the cameras,” Gregg said. “Even if you weren’t playing in one of the national games on opening day, it would take a little longer.”

“One thing I hated was night games, even in college. You’re in the hotel all day and if a coach gets another minute, he’s going to fit a meeting in there. I love just waking up and going. When it’s a (night) game you’re thinking about it all day. “

On top of the excitement of finally playing in a real, regular season game, there was also the allure of more “real” benefits.

“It was always great when the regular season starts, always liked opening day because that’s regular season pay, not that preseason pay.”

While the pay bump was nice and the waiting a minor annoyance, he did enjoy that everyone he might know would get a chance to see him play.

““Hey, saw you on MNF!” Got a bunch of those texts, always appreciated those. Everybody, grandma, grandpa could see. Texts from teachers, whoever saw me.”

As a true competitor, though, he was there to play and leave it out on the field. His humble approach let him focus while his supporters kept positive thoughts in his ear. Now, as a fan, his priorities and reasons for paying attention have shifted a little.

“You better have your fantasy lineup set. Opening night, who do I got goin’? Come on, Antonio Brown! Now it’s all about watching the game and getting hopped up to see how good a general manager I am.”

On the web Gregg is just as much a competitor as he was on the field, always looking to win.

With his charisma and smarts, don’t be surprised if Gregg impresses a front office with his fantasy football resume.

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