KD, Russ Decisions Will be the Biggest Since Statehood

KD, Russ Decisions Will be the Biggest Since Statehood

What are the most important resources in the state of Oklahoma?

Oil? Gas? People?

All are very important, but I’ll go with the people. Two to be exact.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

With Durant’s free agent summer looming, and Westbrook’s on the horizon the next year, think about what the Thunder’s dynamic duo means to the state.


Has there ever been a bigger decision in the history of Oklahoma than whether or not KD decides to resign with the Thunder?

Seriously. Statehood? Maps?

D-Day for Durant is in the ballpark. And Westbrook’s decision down the road fits into the huge category as well.

Sam Presti will tell you that no two individuals are bigger than the team, but this pair of NBA superstars are the exception.

They set the tone for the organization.

Talent. Prestige. Celebrity. Work ethic. Durant and Westbrook (and the Thunder) have put Oklahoma City on the global map.

Losing one or both is much more than just a basketball issue. It’s a potential PR nightmare. And it directly effects the city and state’s economy.

Both make a lot of money already, and with the new CBA cash coming, both are going to get even richer. It just depends on who will be writing those lucrative checks in the future.

OKC fans are hoping and praying it’s the Thunder. Not somebody else.

And Durant and Westbrook will be worth every penny.

In terms of sheer publicity for the state, they’re worth millions a year. Both are basketball brands and ambassadors for OKC and Oklahoma.

Think about what they mean economically to the city and the state! Think about what money they bring to local businesses!
Think about where Bricktown was (growing and cool) to where it is now (still growing and cooler) before the arrival of KD and Russ.

Just try not to think about it too much. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

KD’s eventual decision is up there with the biggest in the history of the state.

Thunder fans will breathe a huge sigh of relief if Durant resigns.

Then get ready for round two with Russ.

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