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Jon Hamm Talks Billy Donovan and Thunder v. Rockets

Jon Hamm Talks Billy Donovan and Thunder v. Rockets

Many have thought that there are, and have been, trust issues between Billy Donovan and the Thunder players. However, Jon Hamm talked this morning about Coach Donovan beginning to find ways to get his voice across, which buttons he can and cannot push, and figuring out how to really coach the guys up. Overall he is becoming more comfortable because managing talent and ego at the professional level is a lot different than managing the two at a collegiate level.

Thunder fans should feel encouraged as we are now at a 5-game win streak and the team is showing effort and execution. Russell Westbrook received his third straight triple double last night against the Houston Rockets, making it his 15th of the season. Trust has also started to form between Russ and Kevin and the bench.


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