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Jerami Grant Agrees to Remain With OKC

Jerami Grant Agrees to Remain With OKC

Almost lost in the Paul George excitement, Sam Presti and the Oklahoma City Thunder were able to secure another huge commitment.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported early this morning that the Thunder and Jerami Grant were able to agree to a three-year $27 million deal. Outside of George, Grant presented Oklahoma City’s greatest challenge. Many believed that the Thunder’s luxury tax bill–which now stands at $130 million–would keep Oklahoma City cautious in dealing with Grant.

Grant’s play over the past season and a half gave many around the NBA the impression that other teams would be interested in offering a deal the Thunder would be unable to match.

During last season’s six game series against the Utah Jazz, lineups with Russell Westbrook, George, Grant and Steven Adams outscored opponents by 32 points per 100 possessions. Along with Andre Roberson–who is still dealing with rehab due to injury–the Thunder’s core players are now under contract until 2020 and 2021.



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