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Was Iowa State’s Upset The Worst Home Loss In Sooners History?

Was Iowa State’s Upset The Worst Home Loss In Sooners History?

Loss To Iowa State Could Be Worst In Sooners History

SPOILER–The numbers behind Iowa State’s upset in Norman do not look good for the Sooners. Not only did Iowa State plant their state flag inside the “OU” logo midfield, ESPN Stats & Info found a stat that made it even worse:

Although this loss was shocking, it is becoming the “usual” for Oklahoma. ESPN Stats & Info also dove deeper into the game and found out that Oklahoma has lost a game in each of the last seven seasons where they were double-digit favorites. Here are those games:

Stats like these will make a loss like this even tougher to swallow. It may not be asked today, but it will be asked at some point: Will this be the worst home loss in Oklahoma Football history?

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