Interview With Resident Cubs Fan Sam Mayes

Interview With Resident Cubs Fan Sam Mayes

crazy cub samInterviewer: So, as a new Cubs fan, do you feel responsible for them winning?

Sam: 100% yes. I’ve been known to curse teams throughout my days here. If you look at last year’s Texas Rangers, I take a lot of pride in what happened to them. I’m actually going to Texas this weekend so I can continue the curse on the Rangers. I’m hoping they lose every game past Sunday. But I feel like I’ve reversed the Cubs curse with my new fandom and they should be thankful that I am a fan now.

Interviewer: Ok, so do you fear the playoffs for them?

Sam: You know what? Honestly, I don’t. There’s a bunch of young kids on this team that are playing at a very high level. They have a lot of confidence. Joe Maddon has brought a professional side to this franchise that they haven’t seen in a long time. Their expectations are to be good and with that being said, if you’re young enough to believe that, you know, you’re going to have success. So, I think with the young leaders they have on the team, guys like Kris Bryant, the way he’s played this year. Arrieta, you love watching him pitch, this is a guy that should win the Cy Young. I mean, they’ve got a lot of talent and they don’t believe in the Cubs curse. You know, they’re just out there playing baseball in the best division that baseball has to offer. So, I think this weekend, or this Wednesday, baseball fans need to really appreciate what they are watching when you talk about the Cubs and the Pirates both, you know, teams excellent play this year. Unfortunately, they’re in the best division in baseball and the damn Cardinals won 100 games this year. So, um, but yeah it’s good stuff.

Interviewer: How far do you think the Cubs will go?

Sam: I think you take it one game at a time. I think the more you start thinking about the future is when you screw up. And with the playoff game, for the Wild Card, it just allows you to focus on that one game. They have their best pitcher going that night. They just need to play their best for one more game and then we’ll see what happens the rest of the time.

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