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‘I’m going to be ready’: Despite postponed opener, Chuba Hubbard is fired up for football

‘I’m going to be ready’: Despite postponed opener, Chuba Hubbard is fired up for football

Chuba Hubbard’s mindset is all about adaptability.

Whether it’s choosing between holes to run through on the field or responding to adversity on it, Hubbard always seems to make calculated decisions. That’s why the postponement of Saturday’s game against Tulsa didn’t faze the 21-year-old running back.

“Whether we play today, tomorrow, next week, five months from now, I’m going to be ready,” Hubbard said in Tuesday’s press conference. “We got to practice a little extra, that’s just better for us to get ready. I’m not really worried about when we’ll play. I know we’ll play eventually, we’ll be ready.”

In fact, even while playing during a pandemic and an offseason disagreement with coach Mike Gundy, Hubbard was purely focused on the game at hand.

“We definitely grew from (the offseason disagreement) and we’re a better program from it, but right now we’re just focused on Tulsa and winning that game,”  Hubbard said. “We’re a better team from everything that happened.”

Hubbard, who rushed for 2,094 yards and 21 touchdowns last season, also noted that many members of his teammates are comfortable playing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel that a lot of people are comfortable,” Hubbard Obviously there are going to be some that aren’t. I can’t speak for everybody. From our team, I know a lot of us just want to play. That’s the biggest thing for us. It’s been a long time. We missed spring ball, we got a little bit in the summer time. Not that the game got pushed back a little I know people are just itching to play. That’s really what’s on our mind. Just getting ready to play and that’s about it.”

From Tulsa’s perspective, coach Phillip Montgomery and company decided against playing this week for similar reasons: he wants the game to go on, but wants everyone to stay as safe as possible.

“I think for both schools and for both parties, it was more about making sure that our guys have had — and theirs as well — just making sure that we are prepared physically and mentally to step onto the field,” Montgomery said. “I think with the additional week of work, I think it gives us the opportunity to make sure that our guys are in the shape to do that, and continuing to get practices underneath our belt and preparing our guys to play a game that is different than a lot of other games. You can’t just step out there and it just happens. I think with another week of work underneath we’re preparing our kids physically to play this game the way it needs to be played.”


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