ICYMI: Quick Hits from Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

ICYMI: Quick Hits from Mike Gundy’s Press Conference

Oklahoma State had to come back from an early 14-0 deficit to defeat Iowa State 49-42 in Ames. It’s the third consecutive season in which Oklahoma State has overcome at least a 14-point deficit against the Cyclones. In fact, Oklahoma State leads the FBS in comebacks of at least 14 points since Mike Gundy took over as the head coach in 2005. Oklahoma State will look to get its ninth win of the season Saturday against Kansas State. Here’s what Mike Gundy had to say at his Monday press conference.

  • Gundy on the fluid QB situation at K-State: “All we can do is just go off what’s on tape and prepare. You’ve got to stop the run with them and then you’ve got to rally and defend the pass.”
  • On Synder being impactful at K-State: “I don’t think there’s any question he’s had as big an impact at Kansas State as any coach that’s ever coached in college football, based on where they started and where he’s taken them… Coaches can coach at certain schools and have advantages, and other coaches make their own advantages, and he’s a perfect illustration of that.”
  • On where the defense needed to be better against Iowa State: ‘We let the running back bounce around behind the line. We didn’t finish and they got big plays. I think he was a better running back than what I thought. He’s pretty good at what he does. The yards after contact statistics, he had about 80. That’s one area where we really could’ve helped ourselves.”
  • On Oklahoma State being in so many close games: “Our value, from watching us on TV or the commercial value should go way up. There’s a lot of excitement in our games. I just go back to the parody of this league.”
  • When asked whether he would’ve gone for it on fourth-down after the JD King catch if the ball would’ve been spotted accurately: “Yes (I would’ve gone for it). There’s a big difference between eight inches and two yards in spread offenses. I wish they would’ve just told me they weren’t moving the ball. Wasted a lot of brain cells on that decision for them to not move the ball.”
  • On Marcel Ateman figuring “it” out: “After about three semesters, a guy like Marcel Ateman figures it out. He comes in here and he doesn’t practice hard, doesn’t take it serious, go to class when I want, whatever. And then he realizes that if you want to be in this culture, this is what you have to do. After about three semesters, he figures out that this thing works. This is good for me. And then he gets his foot injured, misses it for a year and can’t wait to get back. And he’s emerging on the national scene, he’s a pretty good player. He has lead even in games where he doesn’t get the ball as much.”
  • On Mason Rudolph’s success: “I had a good conversation with his mom and dad the other day… The one thing I told them was this, ‘when he finishes here, he’s probably going to be the most decorated quarterback in the history of this school… But here’s what he’s done; he’s been the most committed player to this team that I’ve ever seen. With his commitment to doing the very best he can. Doesn’t guarantee you’re going to make all your throws, doesn’t guarantee he won’t misread something, doesn’t mean that you might not throw an interception. But his commitment to success for his team and himself is through the roof. That’s what I shared with his mom and dad.”

Oklahoma State and Kansas State square off Saturday at 2:30 in Boone Pickens Stadium.


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