I just participated in the NFL combine, What’s next?

I just participated in the NFL combine, What’s next?

The waiting game is long and lonely. As an athlete you put in the work for your one time to shine. When the combine is over you look forward to your pro day. When that is over the athlete has the feeling that he took two tests and doesn’t know the results until draft day. This time will drive a man crazy. They watch all the draft experts and the prognosticators.  Family and friends try to give their well wishes while a few wish you’d give them money. With each passing day you wait until you are judged. How big are your hands? What is your wingspan?  If you were an animal would you be a cat or a dog?  Some athletes crumble under the pressure, others live for it. I have seen guys go into hiding, while others use those last days before the draft living the good life. All this for a game that owns Sundays and sometimes Thursday nights.  To all the players that are about to take on this life changing journey I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy it while it last because the NFL truly means Not For Long


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