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HPA’s Shot Clock

HPA’s Shot Clock

Keeping up with the turbulent world that is the NBA can be as tough as understanding whether or not fish feel water. Stories have a very short shelf-life with games every night, players fighting on twitter and whatever drama is happening in Cleveland. Let’s use the shot clock to look back at 24 stories from the NBA over the last week.

:24 Andre Roberson Ruptures Patellar Tendon

Roberson was having a very good season in the first year of his new 3-year deal with OKC. His defensive impact was very evident during the stretch of games he missed in early January with tendonitis in his left knee. Then on an awkward play in Detroit (don’t worry I won’t post the video), his knee blew out and all of Oklahoma shed a tear watching the DPOY of the candidate leave the floor on a stretcher.

:23 Pistons Make Avery Bradley Available via Trade

The 7th year guard out of Texas has not thrived in his first season in Detroit. Whether it has been a result of playing in the Detroit offense that struggles to find a flow with no real facilitator or just Bradley slowing down after 6 years in Boston. The Pistons made it clear on Monday that they were willing to part ways with Bradley and his expiring contract.

:22 Pistons Trade Bradley For Blake Griffin

Well, that did not take long. Just a few hours after the report that Detroit was willing to trade Avery Bradley, they trade him. Jeff Bower (Pistons GM) didn’t just make a trade, he put together a blockbuster move. Detroit sent Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanović, 1st and 2nd round draft picks to the Clippers for 5x All-Star Blake Griffin.

:21 DeMarcus Cousins Tears His Achilles

Less than 24 hours before the Thunder lost Andre Roberson, New Orleans lost one of their All-Star frontcourt players. While attempting to save a ball from going out of bounds, Cousins landed awkwardly and a few moments later was on the floor in pain (I will show this video). The pesky team that had the ability to beat any team on any given night watched one of their star players, the one that is often criticized for a lack of effort, end his season on an effort play at the end of a game.

:20 Fan Sneaks His Way Into Pelicans Shootaround

The Pelicans night ended on a somber note Friday after Cousins went down but it started on an odd yet hilarious note. Somehow a fan, dressed in full Pelicans warm-up gear, found his way on to the floor during shootaround. Whether it was a hoax or not, it was pretty funny. His jumpshot though… that was just awful.

:19 76’ers Clear Embiid To Play In First Back to Back

Philidelphia’s young and talented Center Joel Embiid has never played in back to back games. He thought he would finally get the opportunity to do so Sunday against OKC and Monday against Milwaukee. Brett Brown (76ers HC) decided against it after a physical game in OKC and a 5 games in 7 nights stretch. Luckily for Joel and 76’ers fans, Brown announced on Monday that Embiid will play Friday against Miami and Saturday at Indiana.

:18 Jabari Parker To Make Season Debut Friday

The Milwaukee Bucks’ front office announced that Forward Jabari Parker will make his debut against the Knicks on Friday night. Parker has torn his ACL twice in 2 years, the second of which has kept him out since February of 2017. The return of Parker should only make the Bucks better and help them move into the top-4 of the East.

:17 Knicks Want To Move On From Noah

Needless to say, the marriage between Joakim Noah and the New York Knicks has gone pretty awful. I’m talking Walter White and Skylar White bad. Noah has only played in 53 games since signing with New York in 2016. After an altercation between Noah and Head Coach Jeff Hornacek during practice, Noah has taken an indefinite leave from the team due to “personal reasons”.

:16 John Wall Out For 2 Months

Another All-Star went down this week. On Tuesday the Washington Wizards announced that PG John Wall would undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. Washington will reevaluate the timetable for his return following the surgery but he will miss all of February and possibly March.

:15 Andre Drummond Replaces Wall In ASG

Pistons Center Andre Drummond was announced as John Wall’s replacement on Team LeBron James in the 2018 All-Star game. This decision makes sense as Drummond is averaging 14.7 points and 15.1 rebounds per game. It does raise questions though. Why have front-court/back-court requirements for ASG voting if it does not matter in the replacement process? More importantly, HOW THE HELL IS LOU WILLIAMS LEFT OUT?

:14 Lou Williams Vents On Twitter

I guess 3 is worse than 2.

:13 Curry and Irving Duel In Primetime

The Celtics and Warriors squared off on ABC’s game of the week this past Saturday and let me just say, if you can promise me 7 games like that in June, sign me up. Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry combined for 86 points, went 13/19 from three and made 29/42 shots. It was exactly what the NBA hoped it would be and is exactly what everybody deserves in June.

:12 Kevin Love Out 6-8 Weeks

Cavs Forward Kevin Love broke his hand in a game against Detroit on Tuesday. He played just 4 minutes before sustaining the injury and leaving the game. Love has been at the center of plenty of drama in the Cavs locker room and has really struggled since Isiah Thomas returned. This marks the 3rd All-Star to go down this week.

:11 Nikola Mirotic Is Traded To NOLA… Almost

Chicago has not been mum on their intentions to trade Mirotic this season; at least not since he had his jaw broken by Bobby Portis. Tuesday morning the Pelicans thought they had secured the stretch-four from the Bulls but Mirotic did not approve the deal. Mirotic did not approve the trade because the Pelicans did not commit to paying him his $12.5 million team option that he is eligible for this summer.

:10 James Harden Records First 60pt Triple-Double

James Harden recorded the first ever 60 point triple-double in NBA history, Tuesday night against Orlando. In an MVP like performance Harden put together an incredible 60 point 11 assist and 10 rebound stat line. To top it off, Houston was without Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, and Trevor Ariza in the 114-107 victory.

:09 All 30 Teams To Play In Summer League

For the first time ever every NBA team will play in the Summer League, per league officials. The 2018 NBA Summer League will be held July 6-17 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV. With record-breaking attendances at the 2017 Summer League and a growing fan base, it only makes sense to have every team in one location.

:08 Joel Embiid Posterizes Russell Westbrook

During a Sunday evening showdown in OKC the Philly phenom did this to the reigning MVP…

Russell Westbrook would have the last laugh though. Oklahoma City would win 122-112 and Westbrook let the 76’ers know it.

:07 Carmelo Anthony Reaches 25k Career Points

What ended up being a tough night for the Thunder (see :24) had a happier moment in the 3rd quarter. With 8:30 left in the 3rd quarter the 10x All-Star hit a free throw to become the 21st player in NBA history to reach 25,000 career points. Too bad it was overshadowed by LeBron James reaching 30k points just four nights earlier.

:06 Enes Kanter Trolls Jared Dudley

Look, is this actual news? Probably not. It was funny though.

:05 Derrick Rose Loses Playing Time Due To Potty Break

The Cavs have been one of the worst teams in the month of January. Apparently, things are going so poorly that players are doing anything to get away, similar to what I would do in 6th period Spanish. During Friday’s game against Indiana, Head Coach Tyron Lue couldn’t find Rose during the 4th quarter. Rose was in the bathroom because he was too “hydrated”.

:04 Thunder Reach Season-High 8 Game Win Streak

Oklahoma City has definitely been rolling in the past 8 weeks. They have the 2nd best record in the NBA since December 1st at 22-9. Part of that stretch included a season high 8 game winning streak for the Thunder. It came to an end on Tuesday night as the Thunder lost in Washington.

:03 Miami Heat Debut “VICE” Uniforms

Feel how you will in regards to the various City Edition uniforms across the league but Miami showed us all how you execute an alternate uniform. The uniforms inspired by the 1980’s TV show Miami Vice are vibrant, slick and fit the city of Miami perfectly. Lightyears better than the atrocities in Orlando, Utah and Oklahoma City.

:02 Curry and LeBron Draft Their All-Stars

Should the NBA broadcast the ASG Draft? Absolutely. They dropped the ball in that aspect this year but is it the first year of the draft for ASG teams. Stephen Curry and LeBron James got together Thursday to draft their teams. Oh, when I say “got together”, I mean they had a conference call. The draft created headlines and water cooler-worthy conversations, just televise it next time!

:01 Westbrook Thought He Was Picked Last



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